A Little Set Back

Yesterday was a whirlwind with a capital “W”!  We had all of the excitement of the new baby…and then all of the disappointment as Kramer went from good to not so good.

I had been worried on Monday as he seemed to be going downhill.  We messaged the doctor.  She talked to Kramer and she told us what to watch for.  We did and none of those seemed to come up…still Monday night I didn’t feel so confident.

Kalissa and Craig were over for supper so I had Kalissa check him out.  All of the numbers were okay.  His vitals were okay.

Then Tuesday morning came.  I was more worried than ever.  I talked to him and he didn’t seem quite right.  He didn’t make coffee.  He didn’t even try to watch television but the worst.  He was winded when he walked.  I took his temp…no temp.  I felt him and he seemed hot.  What the heck?

Kalissa was coming over.  She was going to leave Carver with me and go to the hospital to hang with Kelli.  I caught her in the garage before she came into the house and filled her in what I thought.  I told her to totally “go ER nurse” on him.

She did and we all agreed something had to be done.  So Kalissa, still in ER nurse mode, called his doctor.  They decided he needed to go to the local ER.  Kalissa and I started deciding how this was going to go.  I had five childcare kids at the house with two more on the way.  Do I call them and close?  What can Kalissa do?  What can I do?

The consensus was that I would stay with the kids.  Kalissa would take Kramer.  She’s nursing Gannon so it was easier for it to work this way.

After testing at the local ER they sent him on to Lacrosse to his doctor team.

I was eagerly waiting for any info so I checked my phone whenever there was a ding.  Normally I kind of ignore it….well some pictures from Kelli came…

How does a day be so happy and so worrisome all at once??  It was a real play on my emotions.Georgia Grace and her daddy.

Throughout the day I got messages from Kalissa updating me.  We finally felt like we were going to actually find something out at 3pm.  She called and said they were going to do a thoracentesis on Kramer. They numb him up and go down and get fluid off of where it’s pooling in his lung. It will be tested, x-rays will be done and that will determine if he has to stay there or not.

Well after waiting for an hour and 20 minutes they went back.  They did the ultrasound only to find that it wasn’t necessary to do the tests.  The ultrasound didn’t show that the x-ray did.  Oh no.  Now what?

Back to the doctor.  They finally decided to treat him with some strong antibiotics.  The hope is that the meds, rest and little time will fix the set back.

Ah…what a day!  What a day!  I’ll tell more in tonight’s blog post.  I got to see Kelli’s baby!!

22 thoughts on “A Little Set Back”

  1. Wow what a day. Congratulations on the new baby. Glad that you all were able to work out getting the kids and Kramer taken care of. Saying lots of prayers for you and your family

  2. You did have an emotional day! Hope hubby is on the mend. You are fortunate to have two nurses in the family.

  3. Sharon Runyan

    Prayers continuing for your family. My husband has had 2 thorosentesis procrdures. I understand what you are dealing with.
    Thank goodness for family & friends to get us through

  4. Wow, that was a super hectic day for you and the family. So sorry to hear this. Prayers for all things on the upswing today. And congrats on your new granddaughter. What a dollie! Hugs!!!

  5. Congratulations! Georgia Grace I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. Sending love and hugs . LouAnn

  6. You sure have been on a roller coaster of emotions lately. Hang in there, hopefully things will settle down soon. Your two new grand babies are the cutest. Not every gets them so close in age. Praying for Kramer. Hope the antibiotics help him. It was good that Kallisa was there to give a helping hand. Having a nurse handy is a good thing. Blessing to you all.

  7. What an emotional roller coaster!! Happy for the babies and thank God that Kalissa had the expertise to help you make decisions on medical care for Kramer. Praying that the antibiotics work and that he gets back to feeling better and that life becomes more “routine” for you. On a side note….looking forward to watching you put together Georgia’s quilt when you have the time.

  8. Oh, my! Hope Kramer bounces back quickly. Meanwhile, that top picture of Georgia Grace? I see a lot of Kelli in that little face.

  9. Oh Jo, so many emotions all at once. I wish I was your neighbor so I could help you out. In all of the busyness and worry, please take care of yourself. Your family certainly doesn’t need you down and out. As always, I’m keeping you are your family in my prayers.

  10. Jo, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope that meds does wonders for Kramer. Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated.

  11. Arrowhead Gramma

    Prayers are being given for Hubby right now and know that God hears and answers our prayers. Prayers are also being given to you and your family as you travel Hubby’s journey with him. Put all your worries and cares in His hands as He will never leave or forsake us.

  12. Scary day with moments of delight thrown in. It’s good that Kalissa was there to bring able to take Kramer, but nerve racking for you to wait on news. Hopefully the antibiotics do the trick. Georgia Grace is so sweet!

  13. Sending love and prayers from PA. You and Kramer are in my thoughts and gosh you people make cute babies!!!

  14. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh my – what a day – wanting to be in 3 places at once. Pray the antibiotics do the trick. And yes you do need to hold that baby! Glad you are such a good nurse.

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