A Little Reminder

I was cleaning out the center council piece of our pick up the other day and ran across this note.


Now that we’re living in the house every day I look and see all the things we have to do.  For the most part, I’m okay with it all.  But every once in awhile I start thing-Ugh.  We’ll never be done!

Seeing this note reminds be of how far we’ve come.  The note reads:

Cistern Cleaned Out
Coal Room Shoveled Out
Insulation in Basement Ceiling Pulled Out
Chimney Out
Sheeting In Garage Bottom Part
Ceiling in Office and Dining Room

These are all things that we getting ready to start working on a year ago.  Back then the old part was still on the house.  The garage on the neighboring lot that we bought still had the garage in place.

There are actually a lot of things that we have accomplished and we actually did make lots of progress in the last year.  If we can keep going, I’m going to be loving who the house looks a year from now.

4 thoughts on “A Little Reminder”

  1. Jo, what you and your family have accomplished is truly amazing! If you ever get discourged look back at some of your early posts on this house and see how far you have come. You have turned what many would consider a wreck into a showpiece! It is coming along and I’m sure at times you are throughly fed up with not being DONE but you WILL get there. You have maintained the flavor and character of the house and made it your own. It is going to be lovely.

  2. I agree that you and your husband have come a long way in making your new house just what you want. It’s difficult when both of you are working, to get it all accomplished but the day will come when you will be able to sit back and enjoy your surroundings with your family.
    Jo, I was wonder when the names will be pulled for a copy of your new book, I wait with baited breath! LOL

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m not doing anything like what you’re doing but I did move from TX to IL and I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of boxes. The packers (hired by hubby’s company) packed up 272 boxes alone and then the movers but moving stickers on 500+ pieces and boxes we packed. I’ve been work everyday since 3/2 unpacking boxes and moving stuff and trying to quilt all at the same time and it seems like my progress is soooo SLOW. I’ll quit whining now… you’ve been dealing with this much longer than me! lol…. And I LOVE your new home.

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