A Little More of Robbing Peter

Yesterday was the big reveal day…Did you see my article for AccuQuilt’s Newsletter?!?  If not, you can find the link here.

After I submitted the article, Carolyn at AccuQuilt contacted me and said “Jo…you added more graphics that we have room for.  Do you mind if I cut some.”  I had to laugh….I am an overkill girl.  I always seem to do a little more than I’m suppose to.  In my defense I want to be thorough and I don’t want anyone to think I am a slacker….(like canning 72 jars of salsa in a day….UGH!)  My ability to overkill is often a joke around our house so I am used to it and actually take it as a compliment.

In the article I explained that most Rob Peter to Pay Paul quilts have a positive and a negative block as shown here.


Here’s a pastel version of the quilt…using a positive and a negative block.


Here’s a neat variation that uses a snowflake die in the center of the dark blocks.  It would look so neat with a snowflake quilted in the center of the white area.


Here’s a patriotic version that I am really in love with.  Look closely.  There are no longer positive and negative blocks.  Now all of the blocks have the same blue in the center but the “bites” that were taken from the blocks vary being either all white or all red.  This would look neat as a graduation quilt using the school colors…like our school’s red, white and black.


Again this version no longer uses the positive and negative blocks….this is a scrappy version…If you are thinking about making this version I have a video that shows tips on cutting the “bites”.  Imagine some neat quilting done in the center of the white blocks…


Of all the quilts…I think I like this last version the best.  The black with the bright colors is stunning….


When Carolyn asked if I was interested in writing the article I thought, “Great.  How am I going to make this boring die look exciting.”  Then I started to play with the design and the coloring….I started moving blocks around and changing the positive and negative blocks.  I was truly amazed.  This is not a boring die!   There are LOTS of possibilities for this die that make is usable in every genre of quilting…traditional, modern, and my favorite…scrappy.

Now if you missed the article, that means that you aren’t getting the newsletter.  More articles are planned and you don’t want to miss out on them.  It’s a great chance to meet bloggers and learn more about the dies.  By clicking on the icon below, you can get signed up for the newsletter and as a bonus, you get the free patterns too.

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If you are a new visitor here…WELCOME…let me point out a couple things….
Here is my latest finished quilt that has a giveaway going on with it.
Here is a link to all the videos I have done using AccuQuilt dies.
Here is a link to the tutorials I have done to make projects using AccuQuilt dies.

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I am off to get a few things organized around here…I have a sewing day planned with my daughter.  I can’t wait.  I haven’t been sewing for about at week!!  It’s time.  Stop back tomorrow and I’ll show you what we worked on….

4 thoughts on “A Little More of Robbing Peter”

  1. Deborah in Atlanta

    You didn’t hear my squealing??? I was all like, “OMG! I follow her blog! This is so exciting!!” I know you were over the top about having your article published, and it was great to see what you’ve done with the die. Thanks!

  2. I’m so glad you’ve done this article on Rob Peter to Pay Paul. I have the accuquilt die for this but haven’t used it yet and I now have more ideas. Like you I thought it may be boring, but, boring it’s not. Thanks for all the work you put into investigating and sharing.

  3. I like the designs that you did and the die would make it so much simpler. Could you email me your address and I will send you your prize for the Pets on Quilts contest.

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