A Little Mishap for Kelli

Kelli is over for a sewing day.  We were mid into our fun when she sliced her finger with the rotary cutter.

Kalissa who is studying to be an EMT jumped right up and started helping Kelli.  After it quit bleeding we determined that it’s a pretty bad but cut awkwardly in a way that stitches aren’t necessary.

Poor Kelli won’t give up sewing day though….she’s right back at it.

Kelli works in an office and types all day.  Next week will be interesting for her.

12 thoughts on “A Little Mishap for Kelli”

  1. Been there, done that! The rotary cutter is so sharp that you don’t realize you’ve cut yourself until you look down and see the blood. Of course it hurts like crazy afterwards. I am manic now about making sure I ALWAYS lock/cover the blade when I put my cutter down. Saw a woman in a class once accidently knock one off the table onto the top of her bare foot. Not pretty.

    Hope Kelli’s finger heals quickly and that she can improvise a typing style to accommodate it in the mean time.

  2. Oh, boy! So sorry to hear of your mishap, Kelli! Hope you heal quickly. This brings back memories of a fellow quilter cutting herself in Moline. Remember? That was pretty nasty! Funny how an injury doesn’t stop us from cutting and sewing…carry on!

  3. I have heard that super glue (not kidding on this) can be used, especially if cut is in a place impossible for stitches. Your EMT to be can probably confirm that. Might help with the healing process. Heal quickly!

  4. Her left thumb is the only finger she doesn’t have to use on the keyboard – well planned!!! Hope it heals soon and she doesn’t have a repeat performance!

  5. I did that a few years ago. Sliced the whole side off my thumb. They couldn’t sew it back on and stitches wouldn’t work. They used the new fake skin to cover it and amazingly my skin attached to it and in just a few weeks had grown over the exposed meat. You can hardly tell anymore that it was sliced off. Hope hers heals quickly.

  6. Uggh! I just did that at a retreat in Oct. My left pointer finger. The gals all insisted I go to the ER. They ended up using DermaBond (read-expensive super glue). It came loose too soon and I think a good old fashioned bandage would have sufficed. My pride took the biggest hit. Good news-shortest ER visit ever, I was back at it in about 1 1/2 hrs. Plus, a good looking Dr. Take care Kelli!

  7. Ouch!!! I have had some small cuts with the cutter. Most of the times it hits my finger
    nails first. The is an over the counter stuff you can buy call “New Skin” for cuts. Kind of
    like a supper glue for cuts. My techs i work with told me about it, bought some for when
    I get a “boo boo” and it works great. The worse I did was sew my finger and the needle
    was stuck in my finger. Had to get my son to pull it with piliars. He was trying to be
    gentle..didn’t want to hurt me…pull the darn thing out already..I am already in pain.

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