A Little Jealous

Ruby is just like an older sibling when it comes to Kalissa’s puppy Betsy.  She can’t wait for her to grow up.  She can’t figure out why she sleeps all the time…and she’s jealous.

I was holding Betsy and Kalissa was snapping a picture….where was Ruby??


Ruby was at my feet wanting her picture taken.betsy-1
This is a regular occurrence.  If I bend down to pet Betsy…Ruby is right there wanting a pet too.   If Betsy gets food…Ruby wants food.  If Betsy goes outside….Ruby goes outside.  If Betsy is on the couch being held, Ruby wants on the couch and loving.

It not bad and we oblige with affection and attention just for Ruby but it sure is interesting to watch the relationship between the dogs grow.

2 thoughts on “A Little Jealous”

  1. So cute to watch them. We have a pug, Biscuit, who is 9. For some reason, she doesn’t like my quilting studio. I so want a buddy to spend time with me in the studio. However, I think Biscuit would have her feelings hurt if we brought a young ‘un in the house. I believe that Ruby is going through the same thing.

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