A Little Incident

When I was writing the title of the post in I started to write “A Little Accident”…but it really wasn’t an accident.  It was more like an incident.

The kids were all home this weekend including our daughter Kayla.  She lives in Monticello which is about a two hour drive.  She recently purchased a brand new Prius.

Well Sunday night all of us went to a family friends house.  It was an outdoor party and about 10 pm or it started to rain.  We decided that would be a good time to go home.  We ended up gathering around the kitchen table and chatted.  By midnight I was done in and went to bed.  I thought the kids were going to sleep too…Nope.  The stayed up and the weather started to get stormier.  At about 2 am they heard a HUGE crack….The looked out the window to see this.

Kaylas-Car - Copy

I was sleeping and didn’t hear a thing.

Kaylas-Car-1 - Copy

I was up before most everyone else and was shocked to see the car.

Kaylas-Car-2 - Copy

The limb that had come down was really big.  The whole thing could have been much worse.  The back window of the car was blown out.

Kaylas-Car-3 - Copy

The small back side window was blown out too.  There is some damage to the back door and into the fender too.

Kaylas-Car-5 - Copy

It’s funny as that evening Kayla was talking to us telling us how she prefers to drive their older car.  She doesn’t like feeling like she could damage this car and they’d have to live with the damage for a long time to come.  She loved her old car and enjoyed the freedom of not worrying about it so much.  Then the storm did this!?!?!

If Kayla gets her way, I think she’ll go back to driving her car, buy some seat covers for the Prius and have her husband drive this….Hubby and I both think that’s a good plan as in the end we think she’d feel a lot better.  But…they are grown ups and can make their own choices.

In the end everyone is okay and that’s all that really matters…and now do you see that it was more of an “incident” than an “accident”?

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  1. It’s too bad Kayla’s new car had to get damaged by a falling tree limb, but now she might not be so hesitant to drive it since it’s had its first “ding”. That first little boo-boo is always the worst.

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