A Little Holiday Cheer

Over the weekend my college son, Karl, came home.  He said, “Hey mom…pick up some eggnog at the grocery store when you go.”  I was in a hurry and didn’t say anything but it confused me a bit…eggnog?  We have never really purchased it before.    When I got home, he made me a little drink.


Well I guess it was a big drink.  All I can say is YUMMY!!  He said Southern Comfort is much better than Crown Royal but we didn’t have Southern Comfort.

I thought to ask him how he knows about this concoction, but then I thought there are a few things my college son doesn’t need to tell his mom.

9 thoughts on “A Little Holiday Cheer”

  1. Yum!! Picked up some egg nog at the grocery store yesterday – total impulse purchase. Had in mind something quite similar to this!

  2. I add Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum to my store bought eggnog and have half of the amount you show. If I make home made eggnog a fifth of whiskey is added to the entire recipe. Yummy! But, oh the calories!

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