A Little Help Please…

Okay readers…how about a little help.

I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt Celtic Solstice.  I did the chevron portion wrong but am trying to decide if I care.  Making the change would be easy enough just a little ripping and sewing that really won’t take a lot of time but I am trying to decide if it’s worth it.

I laid out the blocks similar to what Bonnie had only in my “wrong” way.  I played with two different ways to lay them out-with the almost star as in the top center or more similar to Bonnie’s version only again with my “wrong” chevrons in the bottom corner.

So here are the options….
1-Rip the chevrons out and do them Bonnie’s way
2-Let the chevrons and do it like the middle block
3-Let the chevrons and do it like the lower bottom block

Please comment away and help me make a decision.

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  1. I don’t think you should re-do them at all, they look great as they are. I really like both blocks you made up, this may be more complicated than you want to do, but I think the quilt would look great with both of them. You could alternate them like in the mock up.

  2. I wouldn’t rip them out. I like the bottom block best–gives the quilt more visual interest to have a pattern made from two blocks that are different from each other, rather than a whole quilt of stars.

  3. I love how yours looks with your “wrong way” chevron. I love that it makes a star. I personally love the star and may change my mystery blocks to have the inner star like yours. I know it will look beautiful either way. Have fun

  4. Option #2 is FAB. I haven’t had time to do the latest Mystery Quilt yet but your option #2 has me juggling my time table to get started.

    Regards from a not quite so rainy England

  5. DEFINITELY option 2 – like the middle block – it’s fabulous! And your quilt will be unique – heck, maybe it wasn’t a mistake in the first place – maybe it was an inspiration! Kate

  6. I like choice #2 best. Seems like they make more of a circle appearance to me from the photo. Anyway you do it, it will be a fabulous quilt!

  7. Since I purposely never do any pattern the way it is presented I do not think that you should rip them out. I like the middle block the best because of how the lights make the block look like a diamond. But, I also like the idea someone else mentioned of alternating the way the chevrons go. Either way I am sure it will be a wonderful quilt.

  8. I vote for option 3! My daughter and I had played around with the two different ways of doing the block and decided we like Bonnie’s way best. We decided to do the star in the very center block, and then all the rest the way Bonnie shows. I think it looks really good with the chevrons wrong.

  9. #2 – as is, in the middle. I’ve seen a lot of people put this piece ‘backwards’ like this and it just gives the block more movement. I say it was meant to be – Beautiful!!

  10. I like the top middle block, but I feel it makes it too many stars. Go for the bottom option and don’t rip….OR use the wrong blocks in a donation quilt and make more chevrons the correct way and finish the quilt. It is a scrappy quilt, so making more and introducing more fabrics will only make it better. Wrongly sewn = a new opportunity.

  11. Since I don’t know what it is supposed to be I think either looks fine. The top middle gives a curvy effect and the lower makes it more linear. Don’t remake them and go with the shape that appeals to you the most!

  12. Option 2 has great contrast. I’d go with that.
    However, I’m the kind of nut case that actually would rip and re do.
    You seem to be more relaxed and accepting of what others might call a mistake.
    Thanks for letting us see that even great quilters have moments.
    Good luck with this quilt. I held back and didn’t decide to do this til I saw her big
    reveal yesterday. Now I can invest time and fabric into this pattern. See what a coward I am??

  13. I wouldn’t rip them out either. The middle choice appeals to me more…. seems to have more movement. Or how about a combination of the two? I’d have to see more blocks laid out before I could decide for sure, but you might like it that way.

  14. Option #3 – I really like the definite contrast of the lower bottom block brings to the quilt. I would not rip – unless you have an avid Bonnie Hunter quilt police idiot (which should not exist on this planet because Bonnie is way too laid back for that! lol!) no one is going to know the difference! I’m thinking whatever you decide will be great – it’s a great pattern either way!

  15. I would leave things as they are. I like all the options , but my favourite is the middle block. I am thinking of trying mine like that. Remember Jo its tour quilt to do with as you wish.

  16. I like the top middle but either would be fine. Maybe you could send a picture of your quilt when completed the wrong way and Bonnie Hunter would like it anyway. It is, after all, your quilt and you can do whatever you like.

  17. just rip half of the blocks, so that you have both of the blocks in the quilt. (Jo’s block alternating with Bonnie’s block)
    What does need fixing is the left star point on the bottom center block.(Peaky and Spike )You’ve got two light patches together on that point so that it reads blue, light, light, instead of having just one light patch in the center flanked by two blue patches (blue, light, blue).

  18. Judy D in upstate NY

    I think they all look great! But you have a lot on your plate right now, so I would do what is easiest!

  19. I love the top middle light colored block! I think the arrangement is so unexpected with lots for the eye to look at. It’s going to be a wonderful quilt!

  20. I like option 2 best; but,. 3 looks good too. I would not pick option 1 (there is a reason I named last year’s mystery “Easy Street Detour”).

  21. No need to rip anything out. I love option 2, that block is so unique. You’ve just created something new…a block needs a new name. Maybe something about new beginnings.

  22. SO with Janet — no way would I rip them out! It’s YOUR quilt, it doesn’t have to be exactly like Bonnie’s, and I bet that is what she would say, too! I also like the bottom left block.

  23. I saw a gal on the Celtic Solstice group on FB did the same thing, so I made a block the “wrong way” because I love stars to see what it would look like. I’m in the same predicament you are. I think I finally decided to go with Bonnie’s way and use the “wrong star block” in the backing. Another reason I chose to go with Bonnie’s block is the seams don’t nest as nicely as the original block and there’s enough bulk already in the block. Either way you go it’s a beautiful pattern. I’ll be anxious to see what you decide.

  24. Option 2.. if you dont mention it to people who are not in the know… then they will never know and it looks just great.

  25. I’ve told you my opinion a couple of times already: don’t rip out your chevrons! I like option 2, but anything is better than redoing work! You could spend that time on another quilt. (Can you tell I’m a little tired of Celtic Solstice? I’m doing the king size version. It goes on and on.)

  26. I don’t know what they are supposed to look like but if you are not going to rip out….and i like the middle block the best.

  27. I would NOT rip them out! Make the one you liked making the best. It will be beautiful whichever way you choose. Just re-name it to suit your situation.

  28. I would not rip them. I like both options but favor the top middle block. There are no mistakes in quilting, just design opportunities. ;) It is your quilt, make it how you want. Congratulations on keeping up with the mystery, I haven’t even pulled fabrics yet!

  29. If they were mine I would not be ripping them out! As a matter of fact, I think your block looks really good with all of the yellow in the center. I like the look of the bottom block because it maintains the original placement of the light pieces. The top one makes a cute block, but I don’t think it plays as well with the alternate block.

  30. I have a similar question over on my blog. Lol. Anyway, I would not rip yours out and I like the top middle one. Good luck deciding!

  31. Jo, I like your Option #3. I think the important part of the design is the large circles that surround the blocks, but like the more subtle design of this option. I vote happy accident/design opportunity and no ripping! Great job!

  32. No way would I rip them out! I like to make a quilt “my own” anyway and usually will make some kind of a change from a pattern or mystery. I like option 2.

  33. I think that #3 is more with what Bonnie’s quilt would look like. It is calmer and has a more visual impact. You could save your chevrons for the border, and do them correctly for the inside.

  34. I love the option two block, but I think it fights for attention with the other star block. I would use it in a different quilt. I also really like the option three block. I would choose to use this one to finish the quilt because I think it plays well with the star block . Either way, I would not rip, like someone before said – use that time to make another quilt.

  35. No mistakes…absolute uniqueness!! The too middle block is beautiful! I am sure you will love it when you are all finished! Enjoy…..

  36. I actually like the middle block better than the original. Love how it makes a star pattern. I fully intend on doing one with the chevrons sewn wrong.

  37. wow! so much advice! (I didn’t even read them all…) but i’ll still chime in with my 2cents. I’d leave them, and do it bonnies, way, but with your different chevrons, it will be a bit differnet. this was my first BH mystery. I like my quilt, but almost wish I had done it in different colors, just to make it “mine”. so- you have the best of both worlds! your quilt followed her colors, but with your “mistake” your quilt is uniquely you- and not just like about 200+ others out there… i’ll definitely do another BH mystery, but probably be braver to swap out colors…

  38. Chris Donaldson

    I would trip them out. I’d layout the rest of your blocks and what design you can come up with using a combination of the two. I actually like it the way you have it!

  39. I really like the bottom block and would keep it. My criteria for ripping vs. leaving is simple: if the error a.k.a. change will annoy me every single time I look at the quilt, I rip. I’m pretty philosophical and since life is too short to spend a lot of time ripping. Your colors and quilt are beautiful.

  40. Go with #3, goes with the movement of the block lines. I find #2 fights for attention. It is going to be a great quilt.

  41. If it were me, I’d rip them! My Iowa grandmother said “Once to make it, always to look at it.” Or, rip if necessary to get it right. :-)

  42. It’s hard to make a decision without seeing more blocks, but I’d use the top middle. It looks good — and it will make your Celtic Solstice different from the others!

  43. I wouldn’t rip them! I love both your options! Either way looks great! Your quilts are always gorgeous. I have no doubt whatever you choose, it will beautiful!

  44. either # 1 or #3. Bonnie’s way is my first choice, but I don’t have to do the ripping! So the second choice would be like the bottom square. You still get the green square – just don’t get as much contrast with the pinwheel.

  45. I’m debating with myself too, Jo. I made my chevrons “correctly,” but I think I might like to make all mine like your bottom left block. I think it will calm the quilt down some. Then I think the yellow half-square “teeth” on the outside of the chevrons make a neat pattern and I don’t know what I want. I’m going to think about it for a couple days while I make the other blocks. I hope to know what I want by then. I think your colors are awesome and whatever you decide will be wonderful!

  46. I like option two. I wouldn’t rip them out, your potential options look great. You can tell the quilt police that you modified the block on purpose!

  47. I wouldn’t rip them out! I like the option 2 but the third one is good too! Either way you go it will be beautiful and your own. I think the reason I like number two better is that the stars seem to show up more. Any way you do it it will be lovely.

  48. HI. My friend Bobbie made the same chevron mistake. I told her to go check out what you have done…..she wants to hug your neck! She’s just so excited about not ripping out..I don’t think you’ll make a bad choice either way.

  49. Option 3 is fabulous! I liked option 2 but noticed it really breaks up the movement in Bonnie’s pattern. I was thinking of turning my blocks to look like stars but noticed that the chevrons upside down take away from the center of the “birthday girl” block and really detracts some of the beauty of the quilt.

  50. I’m not following Bonnie’s quilt, so I don’t know what it is supposed to look like. I like both of your blocks and your quilt would be beautiful with the one middle block and then the four corners in the other set up.

  51. I like the way you have it and would not change a thing! I’m thinking of doing mine that way when I get time to make my blocks.

  52. I for sure would not rip them out – then your mystery quilt is truly one of a kind. I like both layouts – they each have a different feel. I think the 2nd option will still give the movement that is shown in CS. But I like the block from your block 3 otpions as well – I lean toward the 2nd one more just for the movement it gives your eyes! Just keep moving forward – no ripping and going backward.
    Can’t wait to see the finished quilts – I didn’t get to start this one yet – but I didn’t have enough of Bonnie’s colors – so will wait o see what other color schemes might work with my limited fabric supply – would love to make it without buying add’l fabric. (thanks for your reply on that cooking surface)

  53. I can’t tell which is which, lol. I would do it the way you want to do it. if you don’t want to rip out those blocks, don’t. It’s your quilt, do what you want.

  54. I would probably rip them out. I have found that when I don’t “correct” something, every time I look at what is different/wrong I find it bothers me. And the more I look at it the more it bothers me. But you have to do what you are comfortable with. Wish I could be more help. :)

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