A Little Help Please…

Okay readers…how about a little help.

I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt Celtic Solstice.  I did the chevron portion wrong but am trying to decide if I care.  Making the change would be easy enough just a little ripping and sewing that really won’t take a lot of time but I am trying to decide if it’s worth it.

I laid out the blocks similar to what Bonnie had only in my “wrong” way.  I played with two different ways to lay them out-with the almost star as in the top center or more similar to Bonnie’s version only again with my “wrong” chevrons in the bottom corner.

So here are the options….
1-Rip the chevrons out and do them Bonnie’s way
2-Let the chevrons and do it like the middle block
3-Let the chevrons and do it like the lower bottom block

Please comment away and help me make a decision.

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  1. Jennifer Collard

    Don’t RIP! Option 2 and 3 should be alternated as shown in the photo, but if I had to pick only one block, I’d go for the one in the middle.

  2. Hi Jo, remember I was one of the ones laughing/crying with you because I’d done my chevrons with the colors in the wrong spots too.-my bugger is king size (boo,hoo) I redid mine–shortcut method http://www.stitchingcircle.com/?p=1876bduct -just in case you do. I wish I had left mine as they were, but I had no idea what the plan would end up to be. I would leave yours as is, looks great and the star is still easily seen in the layout. Don’t waste time, it looks great! I would take a second look at your 54-40 or fight block though, in the upper right-bottom 4patch block on right. Remember all of the orange go one way and all of the green go the other path. Sheesh, wonder if we’ll ever make it thru this one….I’ve done almost all of her mystery quilts but I’ve never made so many boo,boo’s as I have with this one. Hey, it’s all fun…..most of the time.LOL

  3. I would leave them as you made them. That makes it YOUR quilt, and I think Bonnie would agree. As far as layout goes — I like the lower left. The darker golds transition from the corners to the centers. (In the upper right, there is no continuity from the whites in the chevrons to the whites in the corners.) HTH! I’ll be interested to see what you decide.

  4. Mistakes can be happy ones. I’m liking option number 2 because it’s a happy contrast to me. The quilt doesn’t have to be an exactly replica of the pattern maker’s (Bonnie’s) quilt. At least, that is my philosophy. :-)

  5. Definitely wouldn’t rip ~ your #2 and #3 both are awesome! This is a great design opportunity to make your quilt totally unique. ☺

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