A Little Help from My Friend

Every time I trim the excess off a quilt, Ruby seems to think I need a little help.

I guess that is an understatement.  She thinks I need a lot of help.

As much as I try and try to convince her, she doesn’t believe that I really don’t need that much help.

Keep in mind, the whole time I am cutting, Hubby is calling her and trying to get her away from me.

Kalissa, however is laughing and snapping pictures.

It’s a wonder I get anything done with so much “help”.

P.S.  These photos were taken earlier this month as I was trimming the excess off my Easy Street Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  You can find the free pattern here.

11 thoughts on “A Little Help from My Friend”

  1. How cute is she! And your quilt looks great! I hope to be that far along soon. I am sewing all my rows together, but first I had to make my design wall larger to accommodate :-)
    so very thankful that I have a dedicated sewing room – used to be my daugther’s bedroom.
    take care, and get playing with Ruby!

  2. I just love Ruby! She’s still such a puppy in so many ways. (I trim my quilts as I take them off the frame. It’s a lot easier on my back.)

  3. Too Cute!!! Mine does the EXACT same thing and nothing will deter him!
    Something I thought about when I read your post- Bonnie’s Easy Street will only be a free pattern for a short while- then she wll pull it for her next book, people that would like the pattern for free should get it all and save it now;) Just thought I would remind you.
    Have a great day!

  4. Ah, Ruby. Such a loveable pup. I always throw quilts over the rails of my quilting machine to trim off the excess. Beats the heck out of crawling around on the floor…this old body doesn’t like that much any more.

    I really like the colors you chose for your Easy Street. Much more my style than the original colors…though on their own I like all the original colors. Maybe it was the gray & the white/black prints that threw me off.

  5. AHHHH bless her heart. She is such a cutey.I love the colours in that easy street. I really must try and finish mine. I wish I got as much done as you. Pleased can I borrow ruby she is a good helper. x

  6. I know exactly how you feel, I have 3 dachsunds and a boston terrier that do the same thing. I guess they think I don’t need to be on the floor unless I’m playing with them. Go figure……but I absolutely adore them all.

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