A Little Help from My Friend..

Last week was a little miserable for me.  Many of you may not know but I teach continuing education classes for child care providers.  Over the last month things have been challenging for me.  Typically I teach the same set of classes but I added more classes…and am working with new people.  That’s always a challenge.

After a lot of hectic days and sorting things out, I was pretty frazzled.  Being I only teach in the sporadically and only teach on Saturdays or evenings, it’s hard for my family and for me to get into the routine of things.

Last Thursday I went to class and one of the gals I work with knew things were hectic and treated me with….CUPCAKES!!

Apparently there is a new cupcake shop in Decorah….oh they were yummy…and oh so appreciated.

Getting little things from friends for no reason is something I will never tire of.  There are Christmas present, birthday presents and anniversary presents but nothing can ever beat a present that is given for no reason.  Those are the presents that I truly love.

Thanks friend!!  Thanks for thinking of me and brightening my day.

I am over the hump now and things are looking up with teaching…I am almost to the half way mark and improvements are happening.  I am really hopeful that the rest of my teaching stint will go better.

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times and sharing my good news.

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  1. I’m sorry you were having a hectic time there – I remember ‘those days’ all to clearly!! I’ve been sitting here looking at your cupcake and drooling. That must’ve been the best treat for you! Bless your heart gal, keep on quiltin’.

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