A Little “Help” from Hubby…

Here’s a look outside my kitchen window….Can you see the film across it?  ….Let me explain.
I had been stressing out that I have so much cleaning to do…get the spare bed ready, cook, get groceries…you know the routine.  I had all those things that need to be done before you have company that’s coming for an extended period.

In light of that, I asked hubby to help.  With the warm weather around here, all those pesky Japanese Lady bugs have started showing up in my house.  So I asked if he would spray some fly spray around the windows and kill them….Well…He sprayed. 
He sprayed with this!  Notice there is no top to it.  I was such a cheap skate…last summer I dropped the can and the piece that you press to get the spray to come out broke off.  I didn’t throw the can out because it was a full can.  Well hubby took the can, held the nozzle down with his fingernail and sprayed the window….YES….the WINDOW.  Not around the window.  On the window.  The stream came out super thick and filmed over the glass….UGH…  Not wanting to discourage him from “helping”, I quickly said “Oh, that really has a strong odor, how about we spray the rest before we go to bed.”….I fully knew he would never remember to spray them later. 

So now today, I am using this….
…ugh.  I hate washing windows.

I have a very funny niece….she has five kids and the other day on facebook she posted…”I just realized that to a 7 year old I suppose ONE person cleaning up after SEVEN people may very well seem perfectly normal. Time to STOP!”  Being I have five kids too, I can TOTALLY relate to this and I’m sure many of you can too regardless of how many kids you have.

My dear niece, although I agree with you in theory….sometimes it make perfect sense for one person to clean up after seven people….because sometimes “help” isn’t really helpful.   I keep trying to remember…it’s the thought that counts….He was trying to help…that in itself is progress…

2 thoughts on “A Little “Help” from Hubby…”

  1. You have the most beautiful view out your kitchen window, even with the filmy goo. I get homesick just looking at those beautiful blue Harvestore silos. I think I’ll get a giant poster of one and put it up in my sewing room window!

  2. wow…to be quoted! I feel like I am somebody :) I feel for you with the windows…they do not get any cleaner here than the Glass Plus wipes can get them from the inside! (and only then when I can get one of the 7 year olds to do it!!)

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