A Little Framing

Before I get to tonight’s blog post, I want to direct you all back to the blog post I did on learning to do the ladder stitch when sewing pillow openings closed. There were two drafts of the post open when I was writing it and I accidentally added to the wrong draft and it was published incompletely. You can see the full post HERE. I apologize for the mix up. Many thanks to the blog reader who left a comment to let me know about the error in the post. I very much appreciate it.

Now to tonight’s post.
Kelli, my daughter, was here the other day. She had sorted through all of her finished cross-stitch pieces and was hoping to finish some of them. Oh my word…there was a big stack. She kind of just dropped them here and I think she was hoping I would finish them all. Um…I didn’t really want to finish all of them. There was a lot and I didn’t know what style she wanted them finished in. Me…I like mine antique looking.

She ended up coming over a bit later and I was determined to try to get her to finish some of these herself. I ended up dragging her and her cross-stitch pieces down to my basement. I have a dungeon where I keep all the frames I pick up while thrifting.

We started matching up frames to stitched pieces.

I was willing to cut down frames if needed but if we found something that we liked that didn’t need to be cut down, all the better!!

This first one Kelli really liked. The frame is blue/gray which looks great with the linen

That’s a Lizzie Kate design. I don’t know the name for sure but something regarding Wise Men Still Seek Him. You can see the frame was only $1 at the thrift store.

Next up…

is another Lizzie Kate. Kelli almost decided not to finish this one. She didn’t like the colors. Then we saw this piece that would work with it and she decided to finish it.

Another Lizzie Kate… We love the frame but it needs a little touch-up on the wood. It will come out awesome in the end.

Many of these finishes are older ones that Kelli did and at the time, she was WAY into Lizzie Kate. At the time, I was too. Here’s another…. This was PERFECT for this. We both loved it!! I am stitching this one as my next 25th day stitch. I stitch something Winter or Christmas themed on the 25th of the month.

Another Lizzie Kate and another PERFECT FRAME!!

Here is another Lizzie Kate. Kelli almost decided not to finish this one too. This frame will likely get painted and cut down. We’ll see.

I think that is all the Lizzie Kate pieces. Next is a tiny piece Kelli stitched for Georgia. It has a horse and Georgie is all things horses. Kelli thought to make this into a pillow but then we found this frame and she decided to frame it. Doesn’t it make a tiny stitched thing see bigger in that chunky frame? This is Heartstring Samplery Farm Fobs.

Wait. I think this is a Lizzie Kate too…Sing to the Lord a New Song

This one is Hummingbird Sampler from Heart in Hand. Kelli thinks she’ll finish it using the box that’s in the picture. She’ll likely stain or paint the box.

OOPS…yet another Lizzie Kate. I think the is Summer String. She’s going to put fabric where the wording on the frame is then mount the stitched piece on a sticky board and then put that on the frame.

Be Ever Thankful is from Bent Creek. I bought the pattern at the thrift store for 25 cents, stitched it, and then passed it on to Kelli. Now she has it stitched. I think we are going to paint the box and mount the piece to the top of the box.

Last is this piece. I have no idea of any info about the pattern. Kelli thinks she might mount it to this tin container she bought at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

Believe it or not, we still have frames left in the basement dungeon. I buy too many but on days like this day when we could go to the basement and have good options for finishing projects, I’m not caring too much about the $1 or 50 cents I pay for them.

The good news is that Kelli took ALL OF THIS home with her. In the past I’ve been finishing all of her projects but this day…I’m hopeful that she’s going to do it herself. I’ll certainly offer advice or help if needed but maybe my oldest is going to graduate to finish her own stitching…fingers are crossed!!

Do any of you cross-stitchers buy thrifted frames to finish your projects?

13 thoughts on “A Little Framing”

  1. For sure… I have a huge box of thrifted frames in my barn. Haven’t attempted to cut one down to fit yet. But, I’m very happy with the few pieces I have framed. Thrift stores are the best!

  2. Judith A Gebhardt

    Oh my!!!!! YES YES and YES — LOVE thrifting frames — Goodwill (they have senior discount days) as other shops here in the DC region.

    1. Oh, yes. I do buy thrift/garage sale frames. However, I almost never get them as cheaply as you do at a thrift store. In our area frames cost $3 and up. As the size increases so does the price. You and Kelli selected some wonderful frames.

      1. I also have a few projects that need to be framed. I wish I had the stash that you had, I need to get out and see what I can find. She made some great choices. I’m really interested in learning how to cut down frames. You had mentioned that you would put together a video of the process. I know you have very little time but this would be a great help to see this process.

        1. I found Jo’s original post about the “Studio Joiner” she bought and uses. Read her post, “I Got a New Toy!” on September 20, 2022, for more information on how she cuts down secondhand frames for her stitching.

  3. Frames don’t really happen much here in the NW. Pricing in thrift stores here are 5-6X what you post on your finds. Fortunately I continue to have my hubster and he will make frames for me and we have a woodpile outside aging for some great “barnwood” style frames. I’m a Blessed girl :-)

    Happy Weekend Jo!

    1. I always take my pieces to Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann’s and have them do it. Don’t think I’d have the patience & afraid I’d mess it up after all that hard work.

  4. Those stitching are really nice. The brown frame that looks like inlaid wood matches a table an old friend gave me. They actually made the table- I use this orange glow polish cleaner from Amazon and it brings out the beauty of the wood grain. I say it’s a win /win situation for you and your daughter.

  5. Beautiful stitching Kelli. They will look awesome in the frames you chose. I am going to do the winter string one , I’m planning to use it as a band around a tin planter. I have a couple of thrift store frames but I don’t know how to cut them down yet.

  6. I definitely buy frames from thrift stores – usually for one I just finished. Sometimes I just finish them with foam board and that sticky board. I use fabric to act as a frame and then a command strip to hang it up.
    Great ideas on finishing!

  7. I’ve been volunteering at a thrift shop one day a week, so see lots of stuff coming through. I have quite a stash of frames in my closet now! They are usually priced from 25 cents to $1. Picked up some really nice ones!

  8. Dorothy Countryman

    Love the idea of thrifted frames. Have you done a tutorial on how you cut them to size? Would love to see how you do it.

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