Cancer UPDATE and A Little Fixer Upper

First news First:
Roger’s brain scan in CLEAR.  Praise be!!  I am so thrilled!!  It’s been the best news.

Onto the evening post….
Hubby and I went to town…It’s a sad state that I’ve gotten old enough that I end up going to town simply to get a prescription filled.  At 20 years old I never imagined that would be my life, but here I am.

But you all know me better than that.  I went to town to go thrifting and just “happened” to need medicine too…at least that’s the way I’m selling it to myself.

So thrifting I found this…

It’s a super cute picnic basket.  I love the plaid bottom.

I immediately went to buy it but second guessed myself when I saw this….

Ah.  The owner had written her name in permanent marker across the top.  For $2 (yes that as the price), I decided to gamble.

I got out some 100 grit sandpaper and just like that, I sanded off her name.  It didn’t even take me a minute to sand the name off.

Then I got out my trusty Old English Scratch Cover.  (Amazon Link HERE) and applied it over the top.  I used the LIGHT version this time.  For most other scratch cover ups, I use the dark version (Amazon Link HERE)  The stuff is amazing!!

Check this out…it is now in tip top condition.  It looks SO-SO nice now.  No one would ever believe it if I didn’t take pictures.

Here’s a close up….
The whole project took about 4 minutes…no joke.

Oh, I’m so happy with this piece.  This one will be in our antique booth in Harmony soon.  I hope someone else loves it as much as I do.

49 thoughts on “Cancer UPDATE and A Little Fixer Upper”

  1. So g!as for the good news I feel like I know you and hubby and your kids. Have been thinking about and praying for all of you. God bless.

  2. Wonderful news and you have the magic touch!!! Hope it sells for a lot more than what you paid for it! By the way, I have pulled out my String Fling book by Bonnie Hunter and you have inspired me to start a new quilt from that….. possibly more. hehe

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Praise the Lord for the FABULOUS results of the MRI!! God be with you in a very real, intimate way as you travel this rocky path. Praying for all the Kramers as well as Roger’s medical team.

  4. I sew have a thing for picnic baskets. My first was one that my grandmother gave me she had in the basement with the plastic dishes years ago. My recent favorite is one with a metal line and a cooler compartment you put ice in. I’m so happy about your husbands scams. As a 14 year stage 4 cancer survivor I am sending you positive gratitude bed!

  5. So happy to hear your hubby’s scan came out OK.

    Your basket turned out great. Hope you put a good mark-up on it. Somebody with the money will come along and if no one buys it at that price you can always mark it down.

  6. I’m happy to get the update, but I was really wondering…Who is this Roger she’s writing about???
    My thoughts and prayers continue for good results and skilled doctors to have a plan of attack to deal with this!
    Love you Jo!

  7. Thank God for this good news! Praying the coming days will be easier too. Love your thrifty heart! Hope he basket sells . I like that plaid and I have a thing for picnic baskets so it’s good I’m not too close. I’m in the process of sorting through my sewing room and I recently emptied two just to clear out space.

  8. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! To God be the glory. All of our collective prayers should be for continued good news on all three fronts, you, Roger, and Jody.

  9. So happy for your good news !
    I love your picnic basket you fixed up and I’m sure it won’t be around long. Hugs to the both you!

  10. Great news. Jo! I will continue to send thoughts and prayers your way!
    I did laugh when I saw the title for your post…for just a second, I was asking myself “who is Roger?” Then, I realized that was your hubby’s name!!
    Hoping you get good news on Thursday as well!

  11. So relieved to hear the brain scans were clear, one thing less to worry about. Will keep your hubby and you all in my prayers.

  12. Roger ??? and I always thought his first name was “Dear” !!!!
    You guys just hang in there.. you can get through this together.

  13. I have long admired Roger especially for the fact he seems to be able to turn his hand to any job and the results come out fantastic. Unfortunately this is one job he can’t do much about so all our prayers are sent in the hope that we can get good vibes out there for him. You so make a magic pair and are so well suited. Stay positive (not so easy I know) but love you all.

  14. Oh praising God with you! That’s such good news! Continuing to pray for you, Roger, and your entire family!

  15. jeannie zimmerman

    Great news on the scan! My husband takes his next week. Fingers crossed here. And that is a neat picnic basket. A real treasure. Enjoy it.

  16. Awe perfect news on the brain scan. I do wish our thrift stores here had such good finds. Sigh! But I’m really happy for you. That basket was a real score. Congratulations.

  17. Barbara Firesheets

    So happy to hear the scan came out clear! Will continue to send prayers and good wishes Roger’s way. Hope all goes smoothly. *** Big Hugs ***

  18. So sorry to hear about Roger’s diagnosis. I understand every feeling you are going through. My husband was diagnosed with squamous cell lung cancer six years ago. He was fortunate in a way since they were able to remove the entire left lung. The chemo treatment was for six months. Good days and rough ones. I have to say he never got sick but suffered fatigue and loss of appetite. Always started 5 days after the treatment. There have been changes and options since his diagnosis. He had some other up and downs but as been to hold down a part time job during it all. He is 75 and doing well. You always hold your breath until that next scan. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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