A Little Fix Up for my APQS Milly..LIGHTS!

Sunday we made a trip to Menards.  For us, that’s an hour drive so once we commit to going, it tends to be an all day event.  As soon as we got home Hubby went right to the garage and started working on a new set of light for my APQS Milly.

He worked Tuesday night on them and with Karl’s help he finished the job creating this.

I apologize that I can’t get a better picture.  The room is small and I can’t get back far enough to take a good picture.

I had wanted lights but the $500 cost was a bit steep.  Then I went online and found a tutorial on making them yourself.  Here’s that link.  This person used PVC pipe.  Hubby beefed it up a bit.

Here is how he clamped the lights to the frame.

Here is the connection at the top.

Our lights have pull strings rather than a switch.  It made the whole wiring process a bit easier.

I am so blessed.  Hubby loves doing projects like this and he’s pretty good at it too.  We didn’t tally up the cost but “guesss-timated” it at $135.  That sure beats the $500.

I am a happy girl!!  I am hoping to get to try them out tonight.

14 thoughts on “A Little Fix Up for my APQS Milly..LIGHTS!”

  1. Congrats on the lights! I will admit to being extremely jealous! Hope you don’t mind but, I think Hubby is gonna be trying to duplicate those for my machine.

  2. My husband did the same for me in my “little quilt shop” in our basement. Then he installed new lights in my sewing room upstairs. We are, indeed, blessed women to have such good husbands!

  3. when i got my longarm i needed more light, too. went to wal mart and got a shop light for under $20 and hung it from the ceiling over the machine. i put it right in the middle and for me it seems to be enough light. my frame and machine aren’t going anywhere as they are in the only position they will fit in the room, so i didn’t need to be able to move the lights with the frame or anything. seems the older i get, the more light i need…

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