A Little Drama

As the mom of five kids I often hear drama filled stories.  I typically smile and nod and say, “Every day needs a little drama”.  Well, Monday night I had my share of drama.  I had a huge stack of boxes that needed to go to the post office.  It was all yard sale and giveaway goodies that needed to be shipped out.  I had our daughter Kalissa take the things to the post office.  She had a friend with her.  On the way home, they took a gravel road and rolled the pick up.

Kalissa had asked to drive the pickup and I thought nothing of it and let her.  The gravel road is not the best road.  She was meeting another truck and moved over too far.  It happened right where there is a culvert.  The truck rolled.

She is okay.  Her friend is okay.

They were wearing their seat belts and that really helped.  She was going slow and that helped too.

The truck is not so okay.  We have insurance so it’s not really a big deal except that it’s a huge inconvenience.

Kalissa is a little shook up. That, of course, is understandable.  Hubby in not real happy and me, I am thankful.  Thankful that the only damage that happened, happened to the truck.

Today we are off to the insurance agent…Hubby could go himself but I really want to see the truck in daylight so I know what we are dealing with.

..like I say, “Every day needs a little drama”.  Well, I got a week’s worth of drama last night.

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  1. Been there. Done that only I did it in the snow and 2 months later our son went off the road with his truck in a snowstorm. It seems like in a few short months we all had some type of accidents (some with deer). My husband use to be more worried about the vehicles but got over that. With so many “car injuries”, it was like the Lord was telling him-they are just things!
    We had much to be thankful for too as no one was hurt.

  2. So thankful to ‘hear’ that everyone is safe. Events like this one happen often on our country roads, too,…usually it’s a deer that’s involved!!! Blessings, Doreen

  3. OMG! Thank God everyone is ok. I have a son the same age as Kalissa and I worry just about every time he gets in the car. You have had enough drama for more than a couple of weeks.

  4. So glad the kids are ok! Accidents happen. Now she can say she’s had a dilly of an accident and not have another :c)

  5. Glad to hear that they are OK. Sending prayers that the stress and anxiety from this accident dissipates quickly. Hugs!

  6. Oops! Didn’t like seeing that picture! My daughter was rear-ended 3 wks ago, and we’re still dealing with the after effects from that one, too. Finally car wise, the end is in sight, we’ve got a new one for her, but she had a lot of soft tissue damage (whiplash among them) and that will take a couple of months to heal. Hopefully your daughter won’t have to go thru that! Thankful that there wasn’t anything more serious!

  7. In July, daughter #4 had an accident on a gravel road that was aggravated by the speed she was going. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt, but the car was totaled. It happened the week before daughter #2’s wedding – sound familiar? I hope the rest of your wedding prep time is calm!

  8. I knew I could come to your blog and find out what happened to our little Kalissa! From her Facebook, I guessed something serious was up. Thank the good Lord she and her friend were buckled and are safe. Things can be replaced…loved ones cannot! Best of luck to all of you.

  9. I’m so glad all the people are OK!! Trucks are easily replaced…I know from experience, sad to say. Hugs to the girls – and good for them for wearing seat belts & driving slowly!

  10. That is a bit of drama! I’m so glad your daughter and her friend were all right. Sorry the truck is crunched…but it is replaceable, the girls aren’t! It’s a pain, but nothing like the pain of the girls getting hurt. Thank God they are all right! As for your dear husband, well, he’s a guy…he’ll see the right of it soon enough!

  11. I am SO glad to hear that Kalissa & her friend are ok. Those are some pretty dramatic photos.
    Let’s just say you all have fulfilled your drama quotient for quiiiite some time.

  12. I am glad to here everybody is okay. As the mother of 4 daughters we too have had our share of “Drama” including a daughter who upset a car in a ditch near our farm. This daughter is now a Police Officer.

  13. Well that sure was some drama, hopefully the last of it for some time. So glad both of the girls are okay and the truck can be replaced, Hubby will be fine too as soon as the shock wheres off, and hopefully your heart has calmed

  14. wow thats drama for you. especially when it happens to a loved one. so glad the girls are ok. my sister was driving behind her son. he stopped to go into their drive way and she saw him get hit in back end. she said she has never run so fast in her life. i can only imagine.

  15. glad the kids are okay! that right there is absolutely the only thing that is important in that situation. my daughter totalled a car less than 24 hours of having it by hitting loose gravel. it’s too easy to do, especially for a new driver. i took her out on a country road after that and made her purposefully skid in gravel (slowly) so she would get the feel of how to correct it. the next accident she had was in my car on black ice… sigh. again, glad everyone is okay.

  16. I have been down that road with my daughter. It scared me to death. I am glad that your daughter is okay and her friend.

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