A Little Community Help from YOU??

Hey blog readers…I got a wonderful note from blog reader Meylonie.

She was concerned about me and my upcoming cancer treatment. She wanted me to have a break and not worry too much about the blog while I was going through treatment and recovering. She suggested I ask family or friends to possibly write a couple of blog posts and then feature them here while I am recovering. She, a cancer survivor, knows that people want to help but just don’t know how. That’s why she offered this suggestion.

Initially, I thought no…but then I piggy backed an idea off her original idea. Here’s the idea:

I am calling out any and all community quilt groups or causes to do a little write-up about your group and send it to me. I will put the information into a blog post and feature it here on the blog. You are welcome to include a call for action so that others know more about your efforts and give them a chance to possibly help you.

I am hoping you or someone in your group can answer these questions:

Name of your group:
Cause(s) you are supporting:
State/Country you are located in (town also if you choose):
What your group involves:
-how many members
-how often do you meet
-how many quilts (or other projects) you donate
-how you got started
What can others do to help you?
-quilt tops? sizes?
-fabric type and theme?
Is there a deadline to donate?
Contact person with email:
ALSO please add a couple of pictures (2-10) for interest
Feel free to add any information that might be helpful or interesting.

I think this would be so fun and helpful too. Remember last year when Ray said he wanted patriotic quilt tops so he could help with the Veteran’s Day program in his area and you all sent many quilts? Wouldn’t that be great if we could help other groups as well and learn more about other great causes like Sleep in Heavenly Peace that Karen Sue supports?

We have so many great quilt top makers like Patty in Florida who loves to make quilt tops for kids and donate them to finishers or Annie in WA. I know there are others of you out there too who would like to make tops for worthy organizations.

I also want to open this up to individual quilt top makers. I know many of you are on fixed incomes or out of stash fabric but love to help…let us help you by sending you fabric so you can make tops to donate. Just fill out the information above and I can feature you here on the blog.

It would make me so happy to use the blog as a way to feature people/groups and get the items in their hands that they need to help. I love anything that involves people helping people.

In return, this will take a bit of a load off of me while I recover. These can be sent to me anytime as I’ll put them together now in draft form and then publish them as needed. I could also put these in a new current tab at the top that would be accessible in the future.

I want to encourage anyone/everyone who has asked for goodies before to resubmit again. That way we can have a good database that includes anyone who wants to be included and will remind us of your cause.

Thanks for the great idea Meylonie. I love it!

Please submit your email to joscountryjunction@gmail.com. THANKS so much!!

17 thoughts on “A Little Community Help from YOU??”

  1. Jo: this sounds like wonderful idea . But remember take time for yourself,
    Rest , slow down take each day as it comes. I had cancer too . And some day you can wiped out . You blog will be there and doesn’t have to tended to every day .
    Think about your self first. Prayers , for you

  2. Wonderful idea! It will be fun and informative to learn about all the quilt groups’ efforts. Also, it will be helpful to hear about any quilter’s needs.

  3. It will be great to have reliable information about groups. I know that I have seen pieces requesting small crocheted or knitted blankets or lovies on public sources, but when you try to check on the organization, it either does not exist or has been flagged as a scam. I always feel confident in the groups mentioned in your posts and it does my heart good to see them. Take care of yourself because you are a well loved friend to many.

  4. Hi Jo, I’m glad that in a small way those of us who benefit from you can in a small way return the love as you go through your trials.I was getting ready to write you as finally I have connected with a charity from church that is very wonderful. I finally feel that I’m able to contribute to a need that’s been on my heart. I did write to see if anyone had any fabric crumbs as believe it or not the the Walmart in Midlothian has No Christmas fabric left… Today I was in touch with a Charity here called
    The Lullaby House(Dallas). It help young moms ( teens) and poor families with necessities. The group is run by a lady who is a foster mom to 13 children. This is a group I’ll be focusing on. They accept things for the moms and children and for their “boutique” which is used for the moms and children.Quilts, pillow cases etc. I still have on my heart the elderly and the Bereavement gowns. We’ve been sick a month with Covid / flu so by the time I finally connected to the Lullaby House the season is upon us.But I would be grateful for fabric donations to help make the things for their needs.I think it’s safe to say we are done moving now…I honestly will post photos as things are made. I’m looking forward to a better creative new year- this past yr was Rough-losing my mom and moving a household and grandkids again. I’m wore out and just want to sew. I’m praying for you Jo and your household. You’ve been on a battle too and praying that you’ll get comfort from others helping you to just take care of you.
    We love you Jo and all you stand for and the outreach you provide to others. And we love how Blessed you are by your children and grandchildren.
    June Tibbetts
    6221 Vicney Lane
    Midlothian Tx 76065

  5. This is a wonderful idea. I’ve got a large stash I would love to donate…mostly scraps but no idea who to send them too. Plus I’m making quilt tops but have no way to finish them. Would love to find a place to donate.
    Love and prayers

  6. I’m in and will look forward to reading about the groups and their missions and then seeing, how can I help them. Take care Jo, we are praying for you and what lies ahead.

  7. I’m just about to meet up with a new quilt group in the nearest shopping village/too small to be a town since we moved away from my group in Hampshire 5 years ago. Looking forward to seeing the ladies and they’ve recently opened their group up to knitters, crocheters and felters as it was such a small number. Not sure what they do just yet. My previous group were making premature baby quilts for the nearest hospital and Project Linus.
    Meanwhile my friend lives quite a distance away and she makes quilts for the Alzheimer’s Society – they have a shop and they sell her donated quilts. She can choose what style she does and for any age. Just recently we met up and I wrapped her gifts in children’s novelty fabric that I had left over. She was thrilled to bits!
    I live in south west England – UK where the weather is bleh! Sunny today so off to clean out the ducks and chickens while I can. I’ll report back what I find out when I go next Thursday. A blooming good idea Jo.

  8. This is a great idea. Maybe there will be a group close to where I live. I enjoy your blog and all your charitable works. Take care of yourself.

  9. What a great idea! Maybe the rescue you volunteer for could write up a little blub, too (I miss hearing about your doggies). Just a thought…

  10. Did the reader not realize that your family does help at times or am I dreaming? Your other idea is good. Reducing the number you post is OK with me. Take care of yourself.

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