A Little Catch Up

I thought I would write a little catch up blog to fill you in on some of the happenings around here.

I have gotten a few emails…asking about the weather and flooding in my area. Here is one from Sherry B. She writes:
Jo, how are things where you live? We are hearing about a lot of flooding in Iowa. I don’t know your area and I hope things are ok for you and the family. Take care and be safe. Prayers for you and all those affected by the weather

The weather has been crazy in Iowa and Southern Minnesota. For those of you wondering I live in the NE corner of Iowa. I’m about an hour from the Minnesota border and about an hour from the Wisconsin border. In my area, we are all good. Towns to the west and to the north of me are struggling. Where I am at, and where my kids are at are all safe.

My little town does flood occasionally but so far, the timing and amount of rain in the areas that feed our river have been on our side. We are so lucky. When I scroll Facebook, I am so sad to see the damage in other areas. We have friends whose children have moved away and sadly their towns are having trouble.

Thanks so much for thinking of us all, but we are okay.

I’ve gotten many emails from readers with advice or thoughts about my dog drama with Izzy and Rosie. )If you missed the story, you can read it HERE.)

Izzy is at my daughter Kelli’s house. Kelli’s dog passed away last Fall and they have been waiting to get a dog until the boys were potty trained. They are doing good so it was a perfect time for them to get a dog. They all know Izzy and have no plans to get a new dog. They are trying it out with no strings attached. They can return Izzy to me and I will find her a new home…but I am starting to think she’s at Kelli’s permanently. She’s going great with the kids and Kelli seems to enjoy having her around.

Here she is hanging around outside with them.

As for Izzy’s perspective, Kelli thinks she’s happy and doing great.

Rosis is having a quieter life with me. She is not adjusting the best. She’s had some accidents and has destroyed a few things in the house. She has always been a dog that likes other dogs around. She has no pack leader skills though.

Lucky for Rosie, she sees Jerry’s dogs some. Here she is snoozing in Jerry’s recliner.

As for me…the house is quiet without Izzy. She was the star of the show around here. She demanded the attention. Rosie and I live quiet lives early in the week and by the weekend things get busier with Jerry and his dogs.

Speaking of Jerry’s dogs, he has two. Lassie is on the left and Lulu is on the right. Lassie is the boss of the bunch. She’s the one that at first I thought didn’t like me. Now she does.

They are all warming up to each other so Rosie does get some interaction with other dogs which she needs. Poor Jerry is learning the ways of a beagle…ALL NOSE…and no senses beyond it!!

One more thing before I go…
Waucoma is planning for a new fire station. If you all remember, my late husband Kramer volunteered with the department and with the first responders. When he passed, many of you sent memorial gifts of money. I have used some of it periodically for projects for the fire department. I’m using the last of it to donate to the new building and throwing in some of my money.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for those gifts. Kramer would have been so impressed with the donations and thoughtfulness you all extended to our family.

That’s the latest from the Kramer house to your house…
Thanks so much for caring about us all.

5 thoughts on “A Little Catch Up”

  1. So glad to hear you and your families are safe from all the flooding. It seems this has been a year of storms around the country. Michigan has had its share of tornadoes and thunder and wind storms. Good to hear that Izzy seems to have found her new home, but poor Rosie. Things will just work out in the long run, I’m sure.

  2. I missed the earlier post about the dog situation but read it now, My heart hurts for you But glad that Izzy seems to be okay as the only dog. Years ago we adopted a beautiful Sheltie mix who was very smart and got along with our other two for a year. Then out of nowhere she decided she wanted to be Alpha. We had taken a trip from our home in NC to visit my parents near Atlanta one weekend and stopped at a Wendy’s to use the bathroom when we about an hour from our destination. We left the three dogs in the car and when we got back, just minutes later, our Pekingese was ripped and bloody. She died in my arms in the parking lot. My husband and I were in shock and rode the rest of the way in silence; we buried hr the next day at my parents’. A few days later the Sheltie went after our other dog so we were told the only solution would be to put her down as she couldn’t be trusted. It was painful as she was only 2. I will remember Gigi the Pekingese as having a loving home for 13 years and the Sheltie the way she loved to catch a Frisbee in mid-air. We love them and sometimes just don’t understand or know why. I’m sure Rosie feels safe now and secure with you; we all just want what’s best for everyone!

  3. I’m glad to hear you are all safe from these terrible floods! Looks like Izzy is doing well and I’m sure Rosie will adjust. That’s a great picture of Jerry and his pups!

  4. I’m so glad Izzy is doing well at Kelli’s and hope it continues.
    I have experienced the emotional upset in a dog when another is an issue and hope that Rosie settles comfortably soon.

  5. I hadn’t read about Izzy. I don’t know why this aggressive behavior happens. We have two sweet Brittany’s- age 6 and 13, both females. Was Izzy a male? When we watch our granddog – he is constantly herding. He’s an Australian Shepherd. Our old girl hides from him although he’s never been aggressive. So sorry for all the anguish

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