A Little Birthday Fun

Today is my birthday!!  Here’s to my 56th year.  Many of us got together last night for a little birthday fun.

Kelli had worked the overnight on Sunday.  Monday I had her kiddos here while she slept.   She got up earlier than normal and her and Georgie made me a cake.

I love the little handprint on her butt!!  HA! …and Rosie waiting for anything that drops.

They treated me to… food from the bar for supper.  Gannon LOVES onion rings.  He will eat a whole order himself.  He’ll barely touch French fries but onion rings…he’ll gobble them up.

I snapped this picture of Karl with Emmett and Eli.  They are getting so big.  Emmett crawls everywhere.  Eli is starting to but isn’t as quick.  Eli has teeth, Emmett doesn’t.  It’s fun to watch them grow.

The kids bought me the board game, Ticket to Ride the Nordic Countries, find it HERE on Amazon.  I was thrilled.  The game is similar to the version we regularly play but this one takes place in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

I didn’t know if it would be fun to play other versions thinking it was the same game different map…not true.  It was different and there are new rules and strategies.

The reason they picked this version is that I am half Swedish.  My grandparents on my Dad’s side came on the boat from Sweden.  My Dad grew up speaking Swedish and learned English when he went to school.  In Dad’s day, the district hired a teacher who could speak both Swedish and English as there was a big pocket of  Swedish emigrants in that area.  Dad said that church was spoken in Swedish until he was older but even then one service each month was still in Swedish.

I am very proud of my Swedish heritage and have always passed that on to my kids.  The funny thing is…Kramer was German.  His grandparents were emigrants too.  So who knows, we might need the German version as well.

We laughed and had fun as we tried to pronounce the Scandinavian countries.  We weren’t the best at it.

Overall we really liked the game.

This version is only for 2-3 players and we felt that was accurate.  We didn’t play with Carver this time.  I think this version is a little harder than the original USA version.

It’s crazy when we play.  We play pass the baby while we play the game…it’s challenging but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We’re priming them to love board games when they get older!!

Here is a little video of me trying shuffle cards while Eli “helps”.  Just push the play button to watch the video.

The good news…I WON!

Karl was in agony over my win.  (Not really-he was acting)  We love making sure everyone has fun.

Kelli also got me this fun 5-year diary with prompts.

Each page looks like this.  There is a question and then lines.  So each year on May 29th you answer the same question.  Each year you can read the previous year’s response.  I think I’m going to really like it.  I always have it in my head that I’m going to write a journal…and then I don’t.  This I think I can do.

In August one question is “What was the strangest thing to happen to you recently.”

Kelli said there are many versions of this style of the journal.  You see them HERE on Amazon.  There are kids versions, mom versions, prayer versions…and lots of others.  I am excited about it!

She also bought these…  It’s a refective belt for being outdoors in the evening/night.

I often stop walking in the fall when the time changes.  It gets dark by the time I’m done with childcare and can get out and walk.  I can wear this so I can be seen.  Isn’t she a good daughter to look out for my safety??   She bought a two-pack as I often walk with a friend.  You can find them HERE.

It was a great day with family… and my fun has continued on into today including messages from family and friends and a stop from a local blog reader/friend who dropped off a card and gift including these…

It’s a whole bag of quilting magazines.  PERFECT!!  I love these and don’t subscribe so this is a real treat!!  THANKS, Patty!!

I’ve been trying to be a little better about keeping my feet up.  These will be perfect to help me do just that!!

MANY-MANY thanks to everyone who has helped usher my 56th year in with style.

Last night when Kelli left she gave me a big hug.  She said, “I hope you’re here for many more birthdays!”  I hope I am too!  Birthdays are a blessing.  Not everyone gets them so I’m celebrating this one BIG TIME!!

51 thoughts on “A Little Birthday Fun”

  1. Happy birthday! Wishing you successful treatments and many more busy years ahead! (I don’t know where you find the energy!)

  2. Happy birthday. Hope things go well for you on your health journey. Prayers the medication does what it’s supposed to do.

  3. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Happy birthday blessings, Jo. Thank you for sharing your celebration with us. The pictures are great and so is the video! Prayers cont8nueM

  4. It is fun to see the FUN you have with your family! Happy birthday again! I’m behind with reading today, so read you later blog first. The twins are growing – the video was so cute. Your birthday is easy for me to remember since it is also my son’s birthday.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Happy Birthday Jo! And many more happy ones. You can enjoy the journal, but you journal twice a day all ready. And we enjoy it except when it’s bad news then we pray for you all. Lad you have had a happy birthday.

  6. Birthdays are best when spent with those you love. May all your days ahead be as special as you are. Happy Birthday Jo!

  7. Susan from Michigan

    Happy Birthday, Jo. You look so happy in all the pictures. Glad you could spend it with your wonderful family.

  8. May the Lord bless you and your family throughout the next year. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Just curious, do you know any Swedish?

    1. I know very little Swedish…a table prayer, to count to ten, so say I love you…a few other things. Nothing to have a conversation over. I’ve always wished I did. Sadly both of my Swedish grandparents died before I was born.

  9. Katherine Gourley

    Happy Birthday, Jo. Your kids come up with the best ideas for gifts. I am praying for a full recovery for you.

  10. Wow what a FUN family birthday! You and your family are so amazing!! All my kids and gkids are 900 miles away so I’m a little jealous in a good way. Thank you for sharing your fun! My son’s family (and I when I visit also love TIcket to Ride. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, thank you for taking time to share!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful lady! May the year ahead be filled with much love, laughter, family and friends! Praying for your treatments and that all goes well as the doctors plan your care. Wishing you the very best Jo! Hugs from Ohio

  12. Happy 56th Birthday Jo. How wonderful it is to spend it with your family having fun. Life gets better as you get older, especially if you have gratitude in your heart. And we all know you do. Blessings.

  13. Happy Birthday Jo. May this next year be filled with lots of love and great expectations. I admire your positive attitude and happy personality.

  14. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a fantastic one! It’s so nice that you have the family nearby to help you celebrate. May you have many more to come.

  15. Happy Birthday, Jo! It looks like you had a great time. I’ve been wanting to try Ticket To Ride.
    I’m glad to had a wonderful time.
    Love and prayers

  16. Happy Birthday Jo,
    Sorry this is one day late, yesterday was another busy December day for us. We have 3 birthdays in Dec-Mine is today (15th), my husband David (20th) and our daughter, Rebecca (27th). I used to have 3 birthday cakes but a few years back we decided to have ONE cake and celebrate all of them at the same time! This is easier on our waistline!!! Your wonderful family gave you a beautiful day with many surprises I’m sure. They couldn’t have a more loving mother than you Jo…I love the Journal you received, I think I may order one of those also. Your daily journaling helped all of us get through the last year together. God bless you…

  17. Happy Birthday (late)!!!!!!! I’m with Kelli-I hope you’re around for many more Birthdays. I am of course thinking of us as much as for you. I always feel like you are family when I read your daily life, and it is so very similar to my own, it’s almost uncanny!!! Thank you for sharing your life with us too. Hugs to all of you,

  18. Happy Birthday dear lady! I hope the New Year holds noting but good for you!. Tell annon he must leave some onion rings for me!

  19. Belated happy Birthday! Just catching up on my email this snowy Vermont saturday. May you have many more with your nice family.

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