A Lighted Flag

I love seeing a flag fly, but when we went through the house remodel last year, we had to relocate the flag.  We debated about where.  It came down to that we wanted it close to the garage so that we could attach a light to the garage and that would light the flag.  So we put the flag pole in.


Then we ran into problems.  The electrician wouldn’t come.  In our area, when we call the electrician, we get put on a priority list.  Apparently lighting my flag was LOW priority because we waited eight months and no electrician.   Finally someone suggested a solar powered flag light.  We got one and put it up….

My flag is now lit..no electrician needed.  Hubby just attached the light to the flag pole and it works just like the outdoor lights people have along their sidewalks.  Hubby plans to move the light a little higher so the light will be more concentrated on the flag.  But it’s working as is for now.

I checked to see if the lights were available on Amazon and they are, Valley Forge The Liberty Light 60 LUX Residential Solar Flagpole Light.  A reviewer on Amazon mentioned that the light wasn’t very bright by 5 am.   That is true it’s not, but we are on the longest days of the year right now.  Each day that goes by, we’ll have more sun, less dark and the light will be bright all the way through the night.   Personally I like it and it’s much cheaper than paying the electrician, that is if we could get him to show up.

Today I  hooked up with the Barn Hop gals.

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  1. What a great idea! I didn’t know solar flagpole lights existed. We too live in an area where the local electrician puts you on a priority list. In this case, I think it worked for the best!

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