A “Lady Friend” Visit

On Saturday I saw a Facebook post done my niece.  I recognized the house-my sister’s.  I recognized the blue car.  Their pride and joy.  I didn’t recognize the pink car.  My nieces caption read, “Looks like the ’62 has a lady friend visiting next door! ”  I laughed, it did.  I thought nothing of it.

Then Sunday the “lady friend” ended up at my house…along with my brother Jay and his friend Al.  (Al is camera shy!)  That’s my brother Jay.  He likes old cars and is well known around here for showing up completely unexpectedly like he did today.


He was at a car event on Saturday in Dubuque and decided to meander his was home and visit his sisters.  What a sweet brother right?!!

My kids all laugh and make jokes when Jay comes…we never know when he’s coming and we never know when he’s leaving.  That’s okay though…it’s always fun and it’s always worth a laugh a two.

I had to give him a house tour so he could see what we’d done.  Last time he was my way he was helping pull out some of the floor boards out of that old farm house…. (I guess we have made some progress!).  Of course being the guys they are…and being the guys who love cars, the two loved the garage and were wanting to know the size of the garage and if four cars could fit.  They liked the kitchen too, but you know guys and their cars.

I told Jay before he left he had to let me snap a picture….He said he’d do it but I had to let all of my blog readers know that his car is actually for sale.  It’s a ’58 Edsel.  I played his game and said I would.  (Oh Brothers…they always have to have the upper hand even when we’re old!)  If anyone wants more info on the car, let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me  rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  I’ll pass it along to him.

I asked him why he was selling it.  He said to get money to work on the next one…guys and their toys.

The only thing I regret about his visit, he didn’t take me for “a spin”…but then again, the last time he took me for “a spin”.  I remember doing a little ditch riding and me doing a little tattling when we got home.  I’d like to think he grew up and wouldn’t do that but then again he did tell me got the car to do 100mph.  See, I have reason not to trust him.

It’s funny.  Hubby was in the field so he missed Jay’s visit.  He asked me “what Jay knew”.  I said well, he drove his Edsel here.  Hubby laughed and said, “Well Craig and I saw him drive past the farm”.  I guess when you drive a pink car, you’re bound to be seen.

So that’s the story about my “lady friend” visit….I do have to say, it’s a nice looking car!

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