A Kramer Easter…

Kalissa wrote a nice blog post about our Easter celebrations.  She shared lots of great pictures.  I could rewrite it all but that seems silly.  Instead, I’m going to put a couple of pictures here.

This is all of us…Gannon who was on my lap was not happy.

This is me with the grandkids.  Can you believe 4 1/2 years and this happened?!?!  Those of you wondering if your kids are ever going to have kids, just think this could be you in 4 1/2 years!!  I know many people asked if our kids were going to have kids…they have, 7 (almost 9) fold.

Kayla’s husband Spencer asked if I was ready to have a grandma day with all of the kids so all of them could go out together.  I didn’t comment on that.  I have that many childcare kids from time to time…more even.  That isn’t a problem as they all know my routine and things are pretty structured.  It would be harder with this crew.

I sure do love them.  Minus Kramer not being there with us…and Kelli’s husband Jason, it was likely our best time together ever.  My kids did say that they missed visiting with each other as all of them were chasing kids so much that they couldn’t actually chat with each other.  I remember those days with my siblings.

This is likely one of my other favorite pictures of the day…

…and I loved this.  Push play and plug your ears for the Kramer grandkid rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lead by Lucy.

I am going to send you over to Kalissa’s blog to read her wrap-up of the day.   HERE is the link.  Make sure to head over there if you want a cuteness overload of pictures.

I ended up staying overnight and taking care of Buck’s girls the next day.  Here are a few pictures from then…

Kayla and Jasper made the 35-minute drive over and visited in the morning.

I have to admit, once these two fell asleep, I was ready to sit for a bit.

Lilly was the birthday girl and just turned one…she is so precious.  I’m so glad I’m getting to know her and she likes me.

She can be a busy little gal.  She loved pulling out whatever I had in her hair.  In the process of it all, I found my blue bowl.  I had been missing it.  Apparently, I left it at Buck’s.

I have been to Buck and Lora’s a few times but I don’t where things are or where they go.  I was told Lucy loves art projects.  If I was at my house that would be no problem.  At their house…I don’t know where anything is.  I ended up finding Do-a-Dot markers.  HERE is a link for them.

I have these at my house and quickly made an impromptu activity I’ve regularly done with the childcare kids.  Cut a paper plate in half.  Take a marker or crayon and make lines like a rainbow.  Have the kids stamp the markers on the corresponding colored lines.

Lucy is three and loved it.  I later went on and wrote the letters of her name in different colored crayons and she stamped them.  Then I drew a flower and a butterfly with different colored crayons and she stamped them.

That is the easiest, quickest activity for kids this age…and they love it.  It’s good for color matching and following instructions too.  I think Lucy will do well in school.  She’s definitely a little learner.

My time with them was all too short.

I’m home.  I miss them already.  The computer is calling…work is calling.  I so wish I could just retire and be the grandma.  I’d love hopping from house to house and helping out my kids and playing with the grands.  If only I’d win the lottery…People dream that if they won the lottery they’d buy all sorts of things and go on fancy vacations.  No me.  I’d give up worrying about money and hang with the kids and grands…and in the in-between times, I’d hang out here with all of you.

6 thoughts on “A Kramer Easter…”

  1. What a great gathering of the family. I loved the Kramer gkids rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. So wonderful you have these memories, and better yet, you have the taping. All these kiddos are little cuties!

  2. Beryl in Owatonna

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was so perfect, and to have it on video…WOW! What special memories! Only once will it be like that!! I read the Easter review!! What a fun day too. It will be more fun when the twins arrive. WOW!
    You have a wonderful family, thank you for sharing!! Can’t wait to see what Karl does with his new home!!
    Have a great week!

  3. When we realized two years ago, that we had 4 children within an hour’s drive, we instituted Third Sunday Dinner at the Grandparents. The rule was that each family had to bring something their kids would eat, no nuts allowed (two with nut allergies) and the kitchen had to be clean before they left. (So Grandma wasn’t left with the dishes.) It worked pretty well, as both my husband and I, the grandparents, are still here.
    Then Covid-19 hit and the Sunday Dinners stopped. A few months later we heard from several kids that “they missed coming to grandpa and grandma’s house because then they could all sit and talk to each other while the kids played. They didn’t have to supervise the children so closely.” We were surprised at this. (Especially the grandma!) But perhaps because the grandchildren were not at their own houses, there were no territorial issues, no “That’s MINE!” etc. Plus, they all knew Grandma’s rules by then.
    Recently my sister had a reunion with her own 7 children and their families. Since one of her grandchildren has severe autism issues, that family brought their regular babysitter (autism child watcher), and she said that really helped everything go well.
    So this has been a report from two families with lots of kids and grandkids. Perhaps you can find someone who would enjoy helping you watch the grandkids for three hours. I know that we have really missed seeing little children during this Pandemic.

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