A Kitchen Updo

If you’ve been reading along on my blog, then you know my house is always in an “in progress” mode. When we bought the house back in 2013 it was a foreclosure home. We gradually worked on it doing some of the work ourselves and hiring out much of it. This is what it looked like originally.

This is what it looked like as of last summer.

Every time I see the difference it just warms my heart. I love old homes…I love two-story houses with lots of woodwork, even if the woodwork is beaten up a bit as mine is. Here is my kitchen when we moved in.

The kitchen is entirely a new addition. New construction with new walls and the rest is part new and part old. We wanted a look like this because it was very important to us that the addition didn’t look new. We weren’t fans of houses that make a new addition obvious.

We didn’t have money for all new appliances when we moved in so the stove and refrigerator which we had came with us. The dishwasher was new. I had debated about getting a white front or move to stainless. We went with white. The other appliances were white and we weren’t going to buy all new.

That dishwasher was terrible. It only lasted four years.

My kids bought me a new one as my Birthday/Christmas present. Again the debate over white or stainless. I picked stainless thinking I’d more the others to stainless when I bought new. My son Buck put it in. The dishwasher was TERRIBLE. No Whirlpools will ever-ever come into this house as long as I am making the buying decisions. It lasted two years and that’s not even accurate as part of the time it was waiting for parts or not even cleaning the dishes.

Fast forward to a few weeks before Thanksgiving 2022. My family was going to be home for the weekend. I needed a dishwasher. The crappy Whirlpool was not doing great at all.

I decided to call around and buy a new dishwasher. I was determined to get a Bosch. Everyone who read my blog posts about my dishwasher woes said, “Get a Bosch”. So phone call after phone call…no dishwashers in stock. Or, they only had the cheapest model of Bosch dishwashers. I didn’t want that. I had thrown away enough money on dishwashers. I wanted at least a mid-model and it had to be a Bosch and I wanted it before Thanksgiving.

It turns out the only thing I could find within a 100 miles radius that met the criteria was a Bosch that was a step or two above what I wanted and it needed a wood front. Meaning your cabinet maker had to make the front to match your cabinets. Hmm. I was not against the upgrade in model. The price was about $300 more than I expected but I could live with that. I had the money set aside for it. I wasn’t too sure about paying for the extra on top of that for the cabinet front that would have to be made. Hmm. If I picked it up myself and installed it myself, that would take a little off the bill…Yes, I’d do that…and I guess I wouldn’t have to do the whole white or stainless debate. I was getting WOOD!

The dishwasher was only available because someone had ordered it and then never came to get it. Lucky me!

I ended up buying it. I figured by the time the cabinet front was made, I would have the money saved to pay for it…and I would have a hidden dishwasher…more wood…YES. I would do that.

On Thanksgiving day Craig, my son-in-law, and Buck, my son, installed it. I told them it was that, or they were doing dishes. HA!!

This is how it looked…UGLY!!

I called my cabinet maker who did the kitchen cabinets. It was going to $600 for the door front. Oh my. That was a lot. I was shocked. Then I called my childcare dad who built my bathroom cabinets. He said he’d never made one but yes, he would do it. We always swapped out childcare labor for cabinet-making labor so it really didn’t matter if it was expensive. But I was told it might take a bit as he had several other big projects in front of mine. So, the wait started.

The door on the dishwasher was spring-loaded and would fly closed if the bottom drawer was inside the dishwasher. I got used to it…the rest of the family, not so much. Everyone was frustrated with it. I figured once the wood panel was put on the front, it would stay down and not slam shut.

It surely wasn’t pretty…but it’s been a great dishwasher!! Go Bosch!!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2023. I still didn’t have a cabinet covering over the dishwasher front. My kids said to me…”didn’t you ever contact Luke about that?” I assured them I had and was waiting. It wasn’t a big deal to me. The dishwasher had run a whole year with not a single problem. After all my dishwasher woes, that was my main concern…a dishwasher that would work!!

When they asked that, I ended up realizing it had been a year…so I texted my cabinet maker. He apologized and said he would be over sometime when he was in the area.

He came and did measurements about six weeks ago and on Saturday in the middle of my messy house, he came and installed the front.

Let me just say…it was totally worth the wait. I love it. My dishwasher is hidden behind the second door front.

I LOVE that you can’t see there is a dishwasher there. Love, love, love it!! The extra cost doesn’t bother me. I love it. In fact, I jokingly said to the cabinet maker…have you ever done a refrigerator front? He started laughing. He knows how obsessed I am with wood.

Here’s the first photo again with a white dishwasher there. Doesn’t it look so much better now???

I am tickled pink over the new dishwasher front. Every time I look at the cabinet I keep telling myself, there’s a dishwasher hiding behind there. HA!!

So…that ends the dishwasher woes for now (Yes, I knocked on wood after writing that). Luke did a fantastic job. I’m so impressed…and the wait didn’t bother me. Luke does wonderful work and I HIGHLY recommend him.

So for now…the kitchen is done…or is it? I’ll save that for another blog post.

19 thoughts on “A Kitchen Updo”

  1. My Bosch is 18 years and still going great. Would buy another in a heartbeat! Now if only Krups would get back into the iron making business. ;)

  2. Love my Bosch! Your wood door is beautiful. We just redid our kitchen. My cabinets are blue and appliances are white. I love it.

  3. Looks great Jo and definitely worth the wait!
    I am wondering what color stain he used? I have golden oak cabinets that I would like to redo and love the darker richer shade of your cabinets!
    Enjoy your secret dishwasher!! ;-D

  4. Your kitchen looks great! Love the wood front on the dishwasher. We had a. Bosch dish washer in our house when we sold and I loved it! So quiet!

  5. Gorgeous… and those custom cabinets are something to behold! They are perfect for an old house! Well done all around, enjoy your secret Bosch! Laurie in Idaho

  6. I am on my second Bosch. I really like it. Quiet and does a good job on the dishes. Your cabinet door front is excellent! He really did a good job matching it up.

  7. Wow! Luke is a very talented woodworker. I am wondering about your counter top. What is it made of? And the edging? It looks so retro.

  8. It looks super! You will like the wood front so much better than stainless steel. Although stainless steel looks beautiful, but oh my, trying to keep it looking clean, etc. I know there is newer stainless steel now, but I don’t have that. Every time I clean my stainless steel oven, fridge, dishwasher, I curse the person (man, I’m sure) whoever thought of using it.

  9. I got my Bosch last year. Best dishwasher I ever had and I have had quite a few. Mine is stainless steel to match other appliances I have. It is so quiet, that it has a light that shines on the floor so I can tell it’s on. Enjoy, they are great.

  10. Loved my Bosch dishwasher as well as the washer and dryer. Too bad they all went with the house when we sold. The door looks great so much nicer than the stainless steel.

  11. Looks lovely, although the white didn’t bother me because your oven and fridge are also white. But looks great. I’ve never had a Bosch dishwasher, but I have a Bosch washing machine and it’s also very good,would recommend. Bosch is a good brand. My dishwasher is an Asko, Swedish, also a good brand, but if I need a new one, will consider Bosch.

  12. I love old houses and wood, too. Your carpenter did a great job matching the stain and everything. Is your countertop the original? It’s not a color we see often and I love how it looks in your kitchen.

    1. My husband and I wanted vintage looking everything in the house. They are new but retro. I love my red countertops.

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