A Kelli Day with Carver

A post from Kelli–

With mom taking the week off of childcare for her appointments in LaCrosse, that means that I get to kidnap Carver for some time with me!  Wahoo!

After coordinating a few scheduling things, it turns out that I was able to pick him up from Craig in West Union, which is about 15 miles from my house.  I will end up having him all today and then I am going to go up to Mom’s tomorrow for a sewing day.  I’m planning to stop at the nursing home to drop of my available hours tomorrow and then I’ll be able to introduce him to some of my friends!  Then I’ll head up to mom’s for what I’m guessing will turn into more of a work day–We have tons of stuff to sort thought and a few decisions to make about what we are planning to send where.

When I picked him up this morning, we had to run to the grocery store for a few things.  He loved putting things in the cart and I thought he was going to jump out of the cart when he saw the bananas.

After we got home, we headed outside to see the cows.  We walked through the machine shed to point out all of the equipment of course and then went to go see the cows.

I thought that he had died and gone to heaven!

I was holding him but he pretty much jumped over to the gate and wanted to really check them out!  We went to another part of the pen where he was able to sit on the cement wall and he was waving and saying Hi to them all!  Then one came up and licked his shoe and he was just tickled.

Once we got in the house, he kept pointing to the door and saying “Moo” so I showed him that he could climb up on the bench by the window and still see them.  He honestly sat there for probably 20 minutes.

After that, we headed into the living room to find the toys.  He climbed up on the couch to pet Puppycat and I figured I better show him the cows on the north side of my house too.

It’s been really fun to watch him play with Puppycat.  I’m pretty sure that by the end of the day, I’ll be at the number 3 spot on her favorite people list as Carver will be number one and Jason will be number two.

He even was pointing at pictures that I have in the living room on my entertainment center to find Jason.  Jason even came in to visit.  Carver didn’t really want too much to do with him until I gave Jason the bag of Cheeto puffs.  Carver was interested after that!


And of course we took a few selfies.  We had to give Kalissa an update!

He’s sleeping for a bit now and then I think we’re going to go outside and play ball and blow bubbles.  Hopefully we’ll get him good and tired out so that he’ll sleep good tonight.

This is just one more reason that I love my job as a nurse.  While the long 12 hour shifts can really be hard and tiring, it allows me to be able to have Auntie Kelli days–And I wouldn’t trade those for anything!

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