A HUGE Accomplishment!!

When you read the title of the post I bet you thought I had made another quilt…WRONG!!  Kalissa graduated from nursing school and is ready to take her RN nursing boards.

We went to the pinning ceremony on Thursday afternoon.  We were proud to see that she was one of her graduating class to speak at the ceremony.  She’s like her momma…public speaking comes easy to us both.


She dedicated her pin to her Dad.  He’s a first responder and has always shared his love of the medical field with her.  I love this picture.  He never smiles when he gets his picture taken and this was as smiley as he gets.


I couldn’t let a chance go by and not get my picture taken with her.


Of course I couldn’t not get a picture of her and Craig….They are such a cute couple.


After pinning she was off to graduation services for the whole college.  She sang the Star Spangled Banner for that event.

She doesn’t know for sure if this is the last stop on her nursing education road.  She sometimes thinks of going on for her BSN.  She likely would be currently around here, the pay bump isn’t a lot.  For the summer she’s just going to work and by mid July she’ll see if she wants to start in the fall.

For those of you long time readers remember it wasn’t all that long ago when she was trying to decide if she wanted to be a nurse or paramedic.  That was back in January of 2013…and look where she is now.

We are all so happy for her.  She’s loved being a CNA..and an LPN…I’m sure she’s going to love being a nurse too!!  CONGRATS Kalissa!!

24 thoughts on “A HUGE Accomplishment!!”

  1. Well done Kalissa Keep learning, you can ever have too much nursing knowledge. The more you learn the more help you can give and that is the true reward in nursing,

  2. Major congratulations to Kalissa! Great accomplishment! Did she graduated from high school with some college credits? In other words how did she manage to graduate in two years? Great job!

  3. Congratulations to Kalissa! Thank you for all the great pictures. Good luck on your upcoming boards.

  4. Congratulations Kalissa! Congratulations Proud Mom and Dad! The community college here has a 2 yr RN program. When I was in college there I saw how hard those students worked to complete it successfully. This is a great accomplishment.

  5. Congratulations, Kalissa! Good luck on your boards. I’m sure you will do a great job! Great photos of a very special day!

  6. I promise you that Kalissa will find Nursing very rewarding. From what you have shared about her she is well suited to the career she has chosen. I wish her every success!

  7. Congrats to your daughter :) But Lynn D is right–go for the BSN. The possibilities, options and advancement opportunities are SO much better and here in south central Wisconsin most places are requiring their ADN nurses to get a BSN. Good luck Kalissa!

  8. I would be so proud if her. She is such a beautiful girl. Please pass my congratulations to her for what she has achieved.

  9. Congratulations Kalissa and all who supported her!! Keep on going to that Nurse Practitioner degree. You would love it.

  10. Sandra Davidson

    Congratulations Kalissa I just had 50 years re Union last fall. It is a wonderful profession and takes a lot of hard work and de cation which I know from this blog you have inherited lots of that. Blessings Sandra

  11. congratulations!!!! Pinning ceremonies are so special :-)

    Best of luck w/NCLEX! I truly truly encourage you to continue your education with pursuit of your BSN while you are in learning/school mode. There are so many great online programs available to you (wish that had been the case in the 80’s!). It is VERY hard to go back to school once you’ve established a life without school (says she who didn’t continue with MSN and now doesn’t want to at 54). Without a BSN, your career is extremely self-limiting.

  12. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures! Please encourage her to get her BSN. I am in PA and my daughter is in nursing school now. The hospitals will not hire nurses without their BSN’s any more and current nurses are expected to get their bachelors.

  13. Congratulations to Kalissa! Keep going for all the education you can get in a lifetime. You won’t regret it and it’s easier to do it now than later.

  14. Congratulations Kalissa! I had been working in the hospital as an LVN for 12 years and went back to school to get my RN. Total hospital nursing years are 32 years! It has been very rewarding! Your BSN will give you many more opportunities in your life.

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