A House Update….

This is the latest..well almost the latest as of Tuesday.  Things went into a big whirlwind after that.  I had intended on getting this written before we left for Kansas City early Thursday morning but with the hub-bub it just didn’t happen.  I’ll explain more of all that in tomorrow afternoon’s blog post about the house.

Anyway Tuesday evening we went to work on the house and what a pleasant surprise.  WALLS…at least on the outside.


Let me give you a little tour.  This is the entrance in from the garage door.


In just to the right is the bathroom.  Small I know but my personal opinion is bathroom can be small.

Down and to the left…the broom closet.

Further down on the left-the dining room.  Well-let me explain.  The portion from the studs to the wall is a dining room extension.  On the other side of the door/wall, which will be removed, is the dining room.


On this side of the studs in the kitchen.

Just off the kitchen is a small laundry room.  The washer and dryer will be on one side…a small sewing spot on the other.  This way I can keep my Featherweight there and piece a little while I am cooking if I want.  It’s something I do here at this house that I would really miss.  Where you can see the ladder is actually the bathroom.

As we go back out of the house here’s a picture to give you an idea of the size of the entry way.


After I checked out all the updates that the carpenters had done it was time to head back to cleaning floor boards.

Now we are cleaning the ones we removed from our own house.  These are a different venture.  Either the boards are immaculate or they are corroded.  From the look on my face, I must be working on a good one.

I was so happy with the progress….I didn’t plan on being back to the house until Saturday but then we ran into a little problem.  Stop back tomorrow afternoon and I’ll explain it all.

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  1. 2 of my favourite hobbies is sewing and D.I.Y. – that’s why I enjoy your blog so much – I so look forward to reading what you have to say every day. Your house construction is so different to our’s in the UK it’s been really interesting to see how your house changes are coming along :)

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