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Our son Buck owns a house on C Ave Cedar Rapids.  It was the first house he ever bought.  It was a great house…older, awesome woodwork (things I really love).  It wasn’t huge and needed some updates but it was super cozy…a great starter home.

Buck had bought it with his first wife Jen and he ended up keeping the house when they got divorced.  He liked the house and needed a place to stay.  The mortgage was cheaper than renting anywhere so it was a smart choice….then in the mix of it all he started remodeling.  New kitchen…new bathrooms…  It was slow as money came in slower and he wanted to do as much as he could himself.

The house is finally done and he put it on the market on Wednesday.  I was excited to see the pictures as I hadn’t seen it completely finished.

The house is a craftsman that was built in 1925.  In the realtor listing is says things like “charm, remodeled, updates, wood work.  All of that is true.  It’s not a big house but the space is well used.  It’s just under 1200 square feet.

This is the view walking in.

It’s a big living room.  The archway goes into the dining room.

The doors go out to a big deck.

Buck redid the floors when they bought it.

Off the dining room is the kitchen.  The kitchen remodel was PERFECT.  The kitchen isn’t super big but it’s packed with goodness.  Buck did the tiling himself.

I love the look.  At the time he did it I wasn’t sure how I liked the look with the rest of the house.  Now…I love it.  The gray is the new big color many want…the counter tops are awesome.  It’s all new appliances.

Off the kitchen is a small full bath.

It has a great newly tiled shower.  Most old houses this sized don’t have two full bathrooms.

Also off the kitchen is the stairway to the basement.  The basement is not bad at all for an older house.  There is a cement safety room too.  Laundry and a big freezer were all in the basement.

Going back to the living room is the staircase that goes upstairs.   Going into the alcove on the far wall you can go right to a closet or left upstairs.

Upstairs has built ins….

Along the left are two decent sized bedrooms.  Both have BIG walk in closets.  On the very end of the hall is a smaller bedroom with a BIG walk in closet.  It would be great as a sewing room or office.  To the right on this hallway is a bathroom…again Buck completely redid it.

So the house was listed on Wednesday morning.  By bed time on Wednesday night he had two people look at the house and two offers were put in.  He also had two more parties scheduled to look at on Thursday.

Right now the price is listed at $135,000.  WIth offers coming in, there is going to be a bidding war.  It will be interesting to see where the price ends.  I would love the house if I was a new home owner…I’d love if it I was on my own.  It really is the cutest little house.

There is a decent sized back yard with a single newer detached garage that goes to the alley.

If you want to see more pictures…HERE is the link to Zillow.

15 thoughts on “A House For Sale”

  1. Cute as a bugs ear! I agree worth more than the asking price. And yes that Little Free Library is a great little addition!

  2. Gorgeous house! Buck did a great job on the remodel! Not surprised that there are multiple people wanting it!

  3. So many people are like me and don’t have the skill to do remodeling or don’t want to bother. Buck did a great job and should get a great price! It’s really beautiful!

  4. Buck did a beautiful job remodeling this house. It will be gone quickly. I absolutely love the arched doorways!

  5. What a lovely home! Certainly worth more than the asking price! I love the arched entryways. A wonderful job of remodeling by Buck! Just beautiful!

  6. Jeanie Stufflebeam

    This is a beautiful home; I am totally smitten with Craftsman bungalows. I admire how Buck’s restoration kept so much of the original features. Those oak-framed arches are amazing.

    Hugs and Prayers.

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