A Happy Grandma Heart

I have to admit, I am really enjoying the more laid back lifestyle.  The hub-bub of working long days isn’t something I miss.  Well, I miss the kids and the families, but not the long work days.

I’ve been accomplishing a lot and have been working hard at keeping myself busy which is easy to do, but I’ve also squeezed in things I’d been missing.  Going on walks is something I love doing…..and it’s something that has been happening daily now.

On this day, Craig called and asked if Karl and I wanted to go on a walk.  Kalissa was working.  Craig said it’s such a beautiful day I don’t want to waste it.  He was so right.

Carver got a new bike when the virus hit around here.  Kalissa was at Walmart and said, “Is it crazy if I get Carver a bike for no reason?”…she meant it wasn’t a birthday or holiday gift..instead a just because COVID-19 is here and you’re going to be home with us a lot type of gift.  I said it was a perfect time to get him a bike and she did.

He’s been loving it.  He rode his bike while we walked on this day.

The weather here is turning more spring like.  To the west of us they had snow but we are lucky in that we didn’t get any.

I splurged a little and bought an outside toy for the older grandkids.  It’s nice.  I can go on Amazon and request that it ships right to their house and don’t even have to touch the package or pay for postage from them to get it.  I just type in their address and it ships right to them.

I ended up having a package shipped to the older grands…I ordered this…

The official name is Toy Rocket Launcher.

I took a video of Carver playing with his….

He loved it.

Not to long later Buck send me a picture of Scotty and Lucy playing with theirs.

It looks like Dad and the kids were having fun with theirs.

I know it’s been hard on my kids to keep the grandkids entertained.  They aren’t used to “lots of Saturdays” in a row.  I thought this little toy might break up their day….and it seems from the videos that it did.

I’m so glad that I get to see Carver and Gannon at least…but no hugs and kisses…no close contact.   A leg hug and pats on the back is the best we can do right now.  I love that the kids are working to keep me safe but man, I sure miss reading books in the chair and rocking.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

All I know for sure is that it made my grandma heart happy to see the kids having fun.

If you’re looking for the Toy Rocket Launcher you can find them HERE on Amazon.

11 thoughts on “A Happy Grandma Heart”

  1. My childhood church back home does this since hugs aren’t allowed ( and you know how huggy church family is)…So they put their hands over their heart and give it a push to the receiving member…: )

  2. Jo, how about reading to them on Facetime or setting up a Zoom for the whole family 2 evenings a week and you can read to ALL the grands at once? Zoom is free for small groups. Food for thought. I have a friend whose 4yo is an only child so he’s missing his daycare buds. She’s going to see if the gang including teachers, will zoom a few times a week.

    Yea for Grandma walks!

  3. Facebook also has video chat, as weill as Skype and FaceTime. I’m sure there are others. My grands are teenagers, but I still miss them a lot. It was weird not spending my birthday with the family.

    Good job on the rockets! That will keep them busy and entertained.

  4. What a fun toy to send them, and I loved watching the videos’, made me smile when it landed on the roof.

  5. Angie in SoCal

    Your posts keep me sane, Jo. Thank you so much for the ideas and the encouragement. Just reading about how you’re handling this strange time makes me calmer. Blessings,

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