A Happy Birthday at the Hankens

On Wednesday it was my daughter Kelli’s birthday.  Georgia, her daughter, was all convincing that a cake HAD to be made if it was her mommy’s birthday.  Kelli decided to “help” Georgia make a cake.

She turned to the Papa Moo book I made.  We make crazy cake here at our house and we always make it in a Bundt cake pan.

I printed out the recipe in the Papa Moo book I made for all of the grandkids.  You all can find the recipe HERE.

If you want to see the book I made for the grandkids, you can see it HERE.

Georgia was …
all smiles today while she was making the cake.  She was determined that she wanted to make a rainbow cake…Kelli wasn’t quite sure how to make that happen.

Here Georgie is showing you the pan all sprayed and floured ready for the batter.  WOW…I’m impressed with how good she is doing with picture-taking.  That’s not her typical self.

Her brothers were napping so Georgie got the spoon…

…and the beaters too!!

What a chocolatey mess!!

The cake cooled and then it was time for the rainbow frosting.  Kelli ended up making a batch of frosting, putting that on the cake, and then took a small amount of leftover frosting, thinned it with milk, and added food coloring.

Here Georgie and Eli are decorating it for rainbows.

Kelli apologized a couple of times over because she didn’t have a picture of the kids putting sprinkles on it because they did that too.

She said she couldn’t figure out how to let them put sprinkles on and take a picture.  They would have put sprinkles EVERYWHERE!!

I hope that cake was more delicious than it looked…I’m sure the kids thought it was beautiful looking and in the end, that’s all that matters right??

One of the little girls at childcare had a birthday a day before Kelli’s.  I also make the same cake recipe…and I improvised with it too.  I however just made a peanut butter frosting for it instead.  No rainbows and sprinkles at my house.  I think only one cake Kelli’s cake is enough.

Thanks for sharing the pictures Kelli!!

17 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday at the Hankens”

  1. These joyful photos made me smile. What a little character Georgie is! Hope the cake tasted good! Happy birthday Kelli. My daughter’s birthday today – no rainbow cake but dinner out and then seeing a performance of The Tempest at The Royal Shakespeare (RSC) in Stratford.

  2. Georgia is so natural in these photos. Not the usual “trying to be a model.” I will have to try the cake recipe. I really like the memory book. I am thinking of doing one of my Dad. His last grandchild was born the year he died. And now there is a lot of great grandchildren who never knew him.

  3. How adorable! the chocolate face and the beater licking…..very special moments for a child! Every time I get to lick the beaters it takes me right back to helping mom in the kitchen as a child! Happy Birthday to Kelli!

  4. Happy belated birthday Kelli! Little Georgia is such a pretty little girl and she certainly looks like her grandma Jo when she smiled. I will try the cake recipe since it’s so highly recommended. We aren’t chocolate cake lovers but with the cream frosting it sounds good.

  5. Sweet little Georgie!! So many good memories Kelli is helping her make. The cake may not be beautiful (except to the little helpers!) but it will be the best cake of the year for Kelli.

  6. What a lovely post. The kids had a great time.
    I put the sprinkles in salt shakers or spice jars to control the overflow. It helped a lot.

  7. Beryl in Owatonna

    What a fun time!! I agree with the others…she has the Kramer smile, like her Mom, Aunties and Grandma!! It is so good to see all of the together time all of you have, so many memories.
    Happy belated Birthday!

  8. Jo- we made that cake all the time I was growing up and we called it Wacky Cake.
    It is a really good cake.


  9. Until you’ve been at an event where $500+ dollars was spent on the immaculately beautiful and perfect (in appearance) cake that is dry and lacking in flavor, you never truly appreciate the the humble homemade cake. Happy Birthday Kelli and I’m proud of your little ones for making such a delicious treat.

  10. Barbara Firesheets

    It was such fun seeing the pictures of Ms. Georgia (and Eli) making Kelli a birthday cake! I’m sure she felt like such a big girl. Happy Birthday Kelli!

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