A Happy Balance

I was really disappointed with my doctor appointment on Thursday.  It really put a downer on my day.  I ended up getting home in time to attend a local little league softball game.   My older childcare kiddos (I still claim them even though I’m not doing childcare anymore) are old enough that they are playing ball.

I decided to grab Carver and go attend the game.  I am so glad that I did.  It was good to see the kiddos.  It was good to see the parents.  It was just what my soul needed.

There is a saying “Whatever is good for you soul, do that.”

Whatever is Good for your Soul...Do That! - Connected To Self
Thursday night I’m so glad I did.

Carver loved it too.  He got to play with the kids.  It was good to reconnect.

After the game I took Carver to my house.  On the way I rolled down his window and he thought it was awesome.  I love how kids love simple things.  His laughter and silly words were so precious.  Instead of being sad and frustrated with whole doctor experience, I was thankful that I got to spend this time with Carver.  My cancer be damned.  I wasn’t going to let the circumstance of that take over my life.  I have life to live and that’s exactly what I planned on doing….living it and not letting cancer be the focus.  I needed to be reminded of that.

Carver and I had plans to go to my house as we were going to have floats.  My intention was to buy him a treat at the game, but the concession stand wasn’t open.  A float a perfect substitute.  Carver and I like our floats not with root beer but with orange pop.  Karl joined us too.

Carver was a hoot!  He had Karl and I laughing and laughing.  Then we went out to the garden and Carver got to check out his climbing pole beans.  He loves watching and seeing how tall they are growing.

I put Carver in the truck and took him back home.  He wanted his window rolled down so I let him.  He was looking out and saw the neighbor lady and yelled, “Hi Sally!”.  Then he asked me about her husband Mike.  He saw Mike and yelled “Hi Mike!”  Both of them heard him and waved.  (Yes, we’re very small town America around here!)

We got to Carver’s house.  I delivered him to Craig.  I told Craig how good Carver was at the game.  I told him how proud I was of Carver because he listened to me all the time.  Then I told Craig that we stopped at my house and had a treat….I gave Craig the money that Kalissa had sent with to get a treat.  Craig ended up giving the money to Carver and told him that he could keep the money and put it in his piggy bank as a reward for being so good.  Carver’s face lit up and he said…..“Wow..I’m going to be really good again and then I’ll get another money and then I’ll have enough money to buy an allen wrench set”.

Yes.  He wants an allen wrench set.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s this…

9 Pc. SAE Fold-Up Hex Key Set
I bust out laughing and laughing.  That boy is obsessed with tools and his coveted item is an allen wrench set.

I jokingly asked what else he was saving for and he said, “I want a garage.”  Bahahaha.

This boy is so obsessed with tools that Kalissa even captured a before bed picture of him the other night…
He was holding tools in his overnight pull up.  Oh my word.  That boy!!  What a little tool crazy boy!!

Like I said…he was just what I needed to remind me that life is more than cancer.  Life is more than problems and disappointments.  Life is about living and Carver and my childcare families surely reminded me of that last night..and today has been a much better day!!

26 thoughts on “A Happy Balance”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Laughed till I cried. Give Carver a hug from grandma Judy. He was just what I needed tonight. My Grand son is 15 almost 16 I got to see him for about 2hoirs today after not seeing him for two months. The tools in Carver’s pull ups was the steak,cake, and icecream pick me up. Thank you what a blessing your Grands are.

  2. Elizabeth V K

    That boy needs a tool belt and I’m sure you could make one. Glad you had fun and made good memories.

  3. Little ones are what the doctors should order. They can help the most at times when we need it most. I am so glad yours are near enough to give you the joy they do. Orange floats sound pretty good – well, anything with ice cream does!

  4. Gloria Gleason

    I sure agree that Carver needs a tool belt. OR a tool box? Wish I could drop by and help with that. If you see a Dollar Tree store, I wonder if they would have that tool item he wants for a $! Harbor Freight for cheaper? A garage sale? Thrift store? Could be a regular scavenger hunt, Jo!
    I’m with you on that irregular doc. Her attitude, manner, is uncalled for! Great idea to request a new endo doctor.
    Sending peaceful thoughts, prayers, and good health to all the family.
    Gloria – from Nebr., Colo., with ties to south west Iowa!

  5. Soooo glad you asked for a new dr. I’ve run into a couple of them with that same attitude over the years – drop her and move on!

  6. When our sons were young, we started giving them quality tools for Christmas, by the time they graduated they had tool chests full of tools that would rival a professional mechanic. It helps that we farm and they learned how to use the tools, too. Now they both use them in their work

  7. This is more like it! Do find the balance. Go see the oncologist and see if he/she can help you find the balance, and if you don’t like that one, there are other oncologists you can see. Best wishes!

  8. Oh, my! Love this story about Carver and absolutely love that you were able to spend time with him. I can see why he’s good for your soul. I laughed til I cried seeing the photos of him at the end.

    I’m sorry for the disappointing doctor’s visit. I can’t even begin to comprehend what all you’ve been through, but am praying for God’s best for you and that He will give you grace as you wait for answers.

    Take care,

  9. I showed this last photo of Carver to my husband. “Yup, that’s me. I got my first set of wrenches when I was 3”. :-)

    Yea for grandbaby therapy and living for today Jo. Hugs to you all and a Blessed weekend ahead!

  10. Carol Findley

    Jo, I’ve been following your story for a while. As a thyroid disease patient, I know how frustrating the “doctoring and diagnosing” can be. Waiting and wondering can be very difficult but I pray that you will continue to find the resolve and grace to find your way through this. You must be your own best advocate when it comes to healthcare. You live in your body and only you can weigh your options and decide what comes next. Your loving children were fortunate to have such a terrific set of parents and they can help you through whatever comes next along with your wide circle of friends and fans. I continue to pray you will find the answers you seek and for God to guide you and keep you every step. I look forward to seeing more of your delightful scrap quilts.

  11. Loved this post!!! Yes it is easier to sit around and feel sorry for ones self but so much better to get on with life and live it!!! I know a couple of people he need to learn this! Yes Carver needs a tool belt!!! Great idea from PB from MN about buying quality tools they can use and have for a lifetime!!!

  12. Such a lovely couple of photos of your delightful grandson Craver. It made me laugh to see his make shift tool belt! And saving up his pocket money for a set of Allen keys…… Priceless!

  13. My 11yr old son has a bigger and better toolbox than I do! He just got his first power tool at Christmas (a drill) and I’m almost jealous ;)

    I respect your honesty and love your happy spin on life. I can’t remember the quote exactly, but 20yrs ago I took this to heart, “If you want to change your circumstance, change your attitude” it’s not easy but it seems to be a healthier way to live!

  14. I still find it amazing that God in His infinite wisdom has given us children to make us smile and fill our hearts with joy. So glad you had a wonderful day!
    Love and prayers

  15. when I get home I will finish a bag like I made for my niece for her tools for Robotics. It will be prefect for Carver and his tools.

  16. I wish I could copy Your story for my baby sister. They discovered cancer in three areas of her body 2 weeks ago. We are all still in shock and don’t know if we are turning right or left. She only went to find out because of nausea. She had it a month before she saw a doctor and one area is Stage 4. But I believe in God’s healing hand and guidance. She is going to be 60 in October and has always been a solitary being. Even though she has children and grandchildren. We lost out brother to cancer. Then a very few years later our Mom died. We can lose another. I’m the oldest…it should be me!

  17. I think I need to borrow Carver. I need a soul lift. No young kids in my life, alas. But I find pleasure in simple things so life is good (most of the time).

  18. Jo you’ve perfected this: Keep it Simple and Appreciate the Small Stuff!!
    Glad you found some JOY!!

  19. That Carver is such a spunky child and the next time I get in my vehicle I think I will roll down the window and enjoy the breeze. What a fun day you had and then a float to top it off with.

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