A Handy Dandy Bag Dispenser

A post from Kelli–

Often times lately, I’ve found myself scrolling through Facebook and Pinterest looking for ideas to help make my life a bit more streamlined…and recipies…and kitchen ideas…and stitching things…you get the picture…

One of the things I came upon was a bag dispenser. I’ve been needing one of these as I currently store my  shopping bags from Walmart and Fareway in my stand up mixer. I also thought of making one for mom as that’s what she uses to dispose of the many diapers that she goes through in a day.

I started out by combining a few containers of wipes so that I’d have an empty one. The video showed how you could decorate the outside, but I was focusing more on functionality.

I’ve gone back and tried to find the video a few times and can’t quite seem to find it back.

The premise of the idea is that you fold the bags in such a way that when you pull one out, the next one pops up.  I was also interested in it because it stores them in a much more compact way that how I currently store them.

One starts off by folding them flat and then in half.  I ended up folding all of them this way at once rather than folding one, rolling, folding another, rolling, etc.  It’s also important that you have all of the handles facing the right way.

Once you start rolling, you just put another bag in place and roll away, making sure to keep the handles all on the same side.  Once you have rolled up enough bags, you can slip the whole roll into the wipes container.

When I initially said something about it to Mom, she made the comment that she would need an ice cream bucket.  So when I started, that was my goal, however by the end, I was out of bags and they magically fit inside the wipes container.

Waaalaaa!  There you have it!  I love quick little projects like this that I can finish and do quickly and really save some space!  And there you have it–A handy dandy bag dispencer!


Edited–I found a similar tutorial that gives a bit more of an explanation on how to roll the bags.  You can find it here–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_cLIgnDr3M

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  1. I fold one at a time in half and then half again. Then i fold it around my hand. Then I put about 10 or more in the bottom of my waste baskets under the present one. When the bag is full and I throw it in kitchen garbage can. There’s the new one that I’m going to need right there. As you acquire more you can divide them among your baskets. You don’t even have to contend with a wipes container. See if this works for you.

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