A guest post from Master Categorizor: Karl Kramer

Dear Blogging World,


My name is Karl Kramer, and I am Jo’s son. I like Pina Coladas, long walks on the beach, and getting caught in the rain, amongst many other activities such as playing the guitar, Xbox, studying Spanish, and absorbing as much Spanish culture as I can, although ‘absorbing’ is really just a fancy way of saying that I eat a lot of Mexican food and enjoy a good Margarita every now and then. I’m single (take note) and so I’m not usually written about in this blog, given the fact that EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED, but my extraordinary conquests are usually written about in song, legend, and blog posts like  this one.

I know, blog reader and quilt master extraordinaire, it may seem odd that I’m posting here, but I promise, there is a reason. Every time that I have more than three days without work, school, or adventure, I’m usually at home, helping out and doing whatever because my mom is so awesome and I have to repay said awesomeness by doing lots of house cleaning, manual labor, and menial blog work.

For example, over the past two years, I have went through all 2,401 blog posts and categorized them into various things, for the convenience of you, quilt master extraordinaire. Let’s say you want to know everything there is to know about the new house Mom bought. All you have to do is search for the category, “New House” and its all there. Do you love that barking ball of awesomeness Roobers Doobers? Search, “Our Beagle Ruby.” Pretty awesome and convenient right? You’re welcome.

This break, I’ve added several new categories, including, Fantastic Food Finds, Feeding a Farmer, Ask Jo, New House, Dogs Dogs Dogs, UFO Quilting, Weddings Weddings Weddings, and Where We’re Published. I added the Fantastic Food Finds and Feeding a Farmer under the Cooking category, so that it is all nice and accessible-like for you, as well.

So, after you’re done saving the world or quilting (HA! they say, one is NEVER done quilting!) then log on, and check out the categories feature of this blog.

Also, be ready, because tomorrow, we’ll have the new ‘Quilts of 2013’ page up and ready, featuring ALL of the quilts that Mom has made in the past year (although, you could filter a search to just include the ‘Finished Projects’ category, too!)

Stay Beautiful,

Karl Kramer



19 thoughts on “A guest post from Master Categorizor: Karl Kramer”

  1. Such a great son, Karl! I happen to save tech jobs for my son when he comes home (twice a yr). It’s nice we moms have someone to lean on for those things. We’re lucky!!!

  2. Well Karl. We do appreciate everything you’ve done. You will one day find the perfect quilter or I mean woman. Lol

  3. Gee, Karl, I missed out not having a son!! I have a blog I can’t even figure out how to sign into any more…let alone having all the cool tabs of info! Awesome!!!

  4. Glenda in Florida

    Thank you Karl! There is lots of good information on this blog, and I appreciate your efforts so I can find information when I need it.

  5. Good job Karl! I wish my son’s would do things like that for me on the computer! I appreciate your helping those of us in blogville!

  6. Such a hunka awesomeness surely will not be single long. As soon a word gets out of what a wonder you have worked here on your mom’s blog, quilters from all over will be sending you pictures of their daughters in order to enlist your help on their sites. ( mine is 23, 5’2′ and long brown hair, just saying)

  7. HILARIOUS I agree that Karl should pop in and visit us more often. . .there was the blog post about him sewing. . .is there a search “Karl” category??? :) No worries on the being single. . .some smart, fantastic woman is going to realize what a great guy and stake a claim.

  8. Thanks Karl. It’s nice to hear about sons and daugthers helping out their parents. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.

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