A Guest Post from Kayla: Pressure Cooker Sweet Corn

I just had to share this new cooking method with my mom, so what better way than with a guest blog post? Earlier this week I cooked corn in my pressure cooker. It was so quick and I didn’t even have to shuck it first!
I found this method from Pressure Cooking with Lorna Sass. Peel off only the outer leaves for cleanliness. Trim the silks and the ends, leaving about 1/2″ each. Stack in your pressure cooker. Add 1 cup of water. Cook at full pressure for three minutes and quick-release the pressure. Using a very sharp knife, cut off the hard end of the corn, enough to remove all husks. Slip the cooked corn out of this end and all of the pesky silks will go with it!

2 thoughts on “A Guest Post from Kayla: Pressure Cooker Sweet Corn”

  1. Lynne in Hawaii

    Heads up! You have to slip the cob out while it is hot. If you let it cool, the silk will adhere back on the cob. You can do the same thing in the microwave (but is does take a few minutes longer to cook. If you want to just shuck your cob, place corns in the microwave for 4 minutes, cut off the stem end of the cob and squeese from the top and they come out clean! We use this in prepping corn on the cob for making corn chowder.

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