A Guessing Game

One of my childcare moms is expecting a little one.  Today was her C-section date.  We’ve been talking about it a lot here.  Everyone has been getting excited.  I haven’t had a baby-baby for a bit so we forgot what having babies is like.

You might remember that I just finished a baby quilt for a neighbor baby…(that was 5 months old)  I was so embarrassed it was so late.  I was determined not to let this baby quilt get away from me.

Well my childcare parents didn’t find out if it was a boy or girl so I couldn’t really start a quilt…or could it??  I’m not a gender neutral fan as whatever I do I feel like it’s either boyish or girlish.  Then Sunday evening I decided I’d just start cutting out both.  Use the same pattern and cut one girl and one boy…now for a pattern.

I ended up picking this….

Something simple but I liked it!!  So as I pulled scraps I decided boy or girl quilt and cut.  I had what I thought was enough and then it was time to start sewing.  Do I sew boy…or girl?  I picked boy.  I sewed on them Tuesday night and this morning and have 19 sewn.

For the boy version I chose more boy colors with cream based neutrals for the backgrounds.  For me, neutral backgrounds look better with these colors and more boyish.

Of course I also did the debate about whether I should make it bigger or not.  As shown it’s 34 1/2″ x 42 1/2″.  I’ll make it bigger…..

I was pretty impressed at how far I got.  In fact I was thrilled!!   I have 19 blocks and only need 25…or 36 if I make it bigger.  I’m adding brown blocks next.  I like the combo of orange, green, teal and brown.

So at childcare today we did a little survey and the kids and I guessed if it would be a boy or girl.  I guessed boy….ALL of the other kids guessed girl.

Well Grandpa picked up the little boy today.  He had news….He said: it was a boy and they named him Lucas.  Grandpa then changed his statement and said, “No really, it’s a girl and they named her Jenna.”  He’s a great big teaser!!  I love him though.  He’s such a fun guy.  It is a girl.

So… That means I am setting the boy blocks aside and will dig into these.  I have to cut more background pieces.

I have lots of these cut as when I was cutting pieces from the scrap piles, I saw this quilt in the same book.  Both quilts needed 2 1/2″ squares so I figured I’d make this with the girl colored blocks if they had a boy.

I’m so excited for a girl to be here at childcare!!  I’ve had 4 boys here all in a row!!  They are all pretty rough and tumble boys too.  This girl will either soften them all up or I’m going to have a hard core tom boy here!  Either way, I can’t wait to love on her!!

..and so, I’ve got a great start on a boy quilt!!

10 thoughts on “A Guessing Game”

  1. I’d probably do primary colors and not worry about gender. Red, blue, yellow, and some green, which is not a primary color, with white.

  2. I find it very adorable that the daycare kids all picked girl. Kinda makes me want to know why each kid chose girl, ya know? Anyway, great work on the quilts, I wish I had a fraction of your quilting ethic!

  3. Jo!! I love BOTH of these patterns!! Can you share what book(s) that the patterns are in??

    I read your blog religiously but rarely ever comment. I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I’m always so impressed with your generous heart.♥️ It seems like you’re always doing or making for others. You are a great example of the kind of person I’d like to be.

  4. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I have that pattern all kitted with 1930’s fabrics that I’m repurposing from the Farmer’s Wife BOM that I didn’t do. Carol

  5. Both of those quilts are super cute and I know the little girl will love it. It made me smile when you had the kids all vote. Hope mother and baby are doing well.

  6. Great quilts, would you mind sharing the name of the book?

    I participate in “Hands2Help” each year and it would be nice to do a simple quilt ahead of time so I am not doing the “mad rush” to finish.

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