A Grandma Kind of Weekend

I had a busy kind of Grandma weekend.  It was wonderful.

Saturday I had Georgia, Carver and Gannon…then Sunday it was off to Buck’s.

You might remember that I was trying to go to Scotty’s 5th birthday party.  Well that was a week ago and COVID has increased greatly in Iowa so I opted to stay home.  They ended up having the party but only Lora’s family went.  I felt bad but, at the time, who knew and as special as a 5th birthday party is, I didn’t want to unknowingly bring sickness there or get it.

Instead I opted to go see them the following weekend.  I felt better knowing it was just me, Karl and Buck’s family.

Here I am with Lilly on my lap.  She’s in her little star sleeper.  She’s 4 months old now and getting to the age I just love them.  Lucy, their now 2 year old was plagued with colic.  She was likely the most colicy kid I ever saw.  Thankfully, Lilly is not that way.  That was a prayer of mine that was answered.

Scotty was with me on the couch.

Here he is with his birthday Mickey quilt I made him….

I had a great time with the kids…Here Scotty and Lucy and loving up on Lilly.

I had such fun with Lucy.  I braided her hair for her.  She had Frozen (the Disney movie) characters.  She would take her hand and touch Elsa’s braid and then touch her own braids and smile big.  It was so cute.

I gave her a Bitty Baby when she was born.  She calls her Polly the Dolly.  She would sit by me on the couch with her Polly and I was holding Lilly.  I took Lilly and reached her up into the air.  Then Lucy would mimic me and reach Polly up in the air.  It was so precious.

This was another answered prayer for me.  When Lucy was little she didn’t like anyone except her mom, dad and other grandma.  She stayed far away from the rest of us.  I always prayed one day she’d think I was okay.  She really does now and I love it.  She happily climbed up my lap, invited me to play and often interacted with me.  It made me so happy.  I was always confident it would change but didn’t know if it would take longer.  It’s all good…and I love that.

Here’s Karl with Lilly.  I love that my boys aren’t afraid of kids and babies.  I was talking to Buck on the phone the other day when we were setting up my visit.

Lora had to be gone and Buck was on Dad duty.  I made the comment, “Oh you’re watching the kids then?”  Immediately I pulled the statement back as I know he is quite active with the kids…I didn’t want to somehow negate his involvement with them.  He said he understood and gets so mad at guy friends of his who comment that they are “babysitting” , when their spouse is gone.  His belief and mine are that dads shouldn’t be “babysitting”…they should just be taking care of the kids-no different than when mom is around and has the kids on her own.

I’m so glad my boys jump in and do the uncle and the dad things.  Buck doesn’t shy away from diapers.  He does all of the dad things…I know Lora manages most of the doctor appointments and all of that but he is a good helper when he’s not working.  I love that.

I also love that minutes before this picture was snapped, Buck had just changed Lilly’s diaper.  He didn’t hand Lilly to me so that he could wash his hands.  He handed her to Karl…and Karl didn’t back away at all.

It’s great to see your daughter step up and be good moms….but it’s really awesome to see your sons be good dads (and uncles) too.

My Grandma weekend is moving into the week too.  Today Kayla came with Jasper and is staying a couple days.  School starts for her soon.  Jasper is going to childcare for the first time.  Big changes soon so their making a point to visit me before things swing into the school year.  I’m sure Kalissa and the boys will be here to see Kayla and Jasper and I heard Kelli and Georgie might be over to see them too…so it looks like a big family supper is in order for tonight!!  It should be a crazy kind of overwhelming fun!!  I love Grandma days.

10 thoughts on “A Grandma Kind of Weekend”

  1. I agree with the “dad’s babysitting.” Makes me so angry when I hear it. Fortunately, it happens less and less now than in the past. Enjoy those littles!

  2. Darling family! So glad you had grandma time. More fathers today are helpers with duties that that mothers/wives did solely in the past. Have a fun week with the family.

  3. I’m fortunate to have a husband who feels it is his responsibility to be an equal parent and spouse. We don’t argue about who’s doing the cooking or who was changing the dirty diaper, we just do what needs to be done at the moment. Unfortunately my mother-in-law acts as if it’s a sin for a man to do “woman’s work.”

  4. Joy Van den top

    So much fun!! Love all the pictures! My sons and son-in-law all help their wives!! Cooking and taking care of the kids is part of their life! Our day…well that was different, but I my husband’s defense, he didn’t have time, between working a full time job and Farming 500 acres plus raising some cattle and hogs…not sure where it would have fit in to change a diaper. We did a lot of things together…scooping manure and the kids in The feed bin with the tonka toys! .

  5. I had some grandma time this past Thurs., Fri., and Sat. too. I so enjoy having them here but is does wear me out…..and then the house is so quiet when they leave.

    Our son was one of the dad’s who took just as much care of the twins as mom did. His 12 hr rotating shifts gave him several days off work at a time and the kids didn’t go to daycare on those days. He actually amazed me with what a good and hands-on dad he was.

  6. So glad that you can spend quality time with the kids and grandkids! Love that the guys are so involved with the kids. The kid benefit so much from that. Dad tend to have a more carefree way of watching than moms at least in our family. Fun to see pics of Lilly. My has she grown!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    I love. Grandma time. I’m missing my girls and boy who live close. The girls are 6 & 7 now that my daughter’s family have their own place my 7 year old is fixing supper sometimes when momma is working. I’m glad their daddy is and was a hands on dad from the beginning it does make a huge difference. Congratulations on having children who love and take the responsibilities of being parents/ aunts and uncles

  8. I think the Dads of today are so much more comfortable with being a hands on Dad (or Uncle) than in my fathers times or grandfathers time. Its so important for kids to see both parents doing the daily things that kids need from adults. Wonderful to see that big smile on Karls face as he holds Lilly, he looks comfortable and happy. Enjoy your Grandmother time with all those sweet babies

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