A Grandkid Weekend

Thursday morning I was up and at ’em early and on the road to drive two hours south to pick up our son Buck’s kids for an extended weekend at Grandma’s. Well as soon as it was announced that they were coming some of the other grandkids made plans to come too. It was a kid-fest here and I’ll readily admit, they pooped me out!!

I think they pooped the dogs out too. Over naptime, I kenneled the dogs and they were happy to have some downtime. This is Sadie. With Lucy and Lily.

Grandma didn’t get downtime during naptime. I was either writing blog posts or prepping food.

Toy tractors were the appeal for Scotty and Carver.

Anders has news…he’s mobile. He can crawl, sit and get where he wants to…

Lily’s favorite person is Kalissa.

After my daughter Kalissa’s kids left on Thursday night I went out to pick raspberries.

I expected the kids to play on the play set but nope, they wanted to pick raspberries.

We had quite a big haul. We actually had more than this…

The next day I was up early. My son Karl was so kind and got up early as well. He picked up the little wiener dog I have here and took her to the vet to be spayed. She had to be there by 7 am and I didn’t want to wake the kids that early.

Being I was up, I ended up going into the sewing room. I told you all that I got done in this morning’s post. Before long they were up and wanted to hang out here too. I need to find some more “toys” for the sewing room that stay in the sewing room that are sewing-related.

Scotty ended up being in love with my clips. He made a bed for his bunny. See how he took a box and strips of fabric and clipped them all the way around. He LOVED this.

I ended up ordering more clips so there are more should we end up in the sewing room again. The clips are cheap…these are the ones I get.

The kids were pretty sad the wiener dog had to stay away from them because she had her surgery. They just wanted to play with her. Izzy played instead.

Lily was so tired that night. She fell asleep on the couch like this. We didn’t nap on Friday and she usually takes a nap.

Saturday was full force. My daughter Kelli’s kids were here too.

The weather here was AWESOME. Nice and cool. Anders took a big morning nap so we all spent the morning outside. Here are the “big kids” at the table. Carver wasn’t here and boy did I miss him. He’s my right-hand man when it’s crazy like this. He’s a good helper.

They were so tired at nap time. Everyone except Scotty fell asleep. Here’s Gannon sleeping. HA!!

Anders was extra happy and FULL of giggles. What a HAM!!

We had more fun…A big family supper…Buck and the kids stayed another day but I got so busy…No pictures happened. I was too busy enjoying our time together.

10 thoughts on “A Grandkid Weekend”

  1. Ginny Andersen

    Wow! What a weekend you had! The kids looked to be having a great time. They are all such good looking kids!

  2. Oh, Jo, what joy and what wonderful memories you are giving those beautiful grands. So great that you are able to do this with them – and then – they go home!! LOL

  3. Wow! How Anders has grown! So many early troubles and now look at him! What fun to have a houseful of children! I hope you managed some nap time later!

  4. What a brilliant weekend! Thanks for sharing your photos Jo, the children look so happy – (especially that last photo of Anders!)
    It always amazes me how kids can fall asleep in such uncomfortable-looking positions! :))

  5. Looks like a great weekend. All the kids look so happy to be there. Makes me wish my two youngest grandchildren hadn’t moved 3 1/2 – 4 hours away. Makes it so much harder to see them regularly.

  6. Thank you for posting this one. It was scrambled the first time I tried to read it. Love reading all about your grands. You are so blessed to have them all nearby.

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