A Georgia Girl Day

Kelli needed someone to watch Georgia as she had to work Memorial Day weekend and Jason was farming.  Kalissa said she’d watch her on Saturday and I volunteered for Sunday.  I told Kelli being she was working 12 hours shifts, to just let Georgie stay overnight here.  Kelli sputtered about that but finally gave in.

Georgia had been up some in the night over the last week so Kelli was nervous that she’d keep me up. I wasn’t worried.  I could live through a long night if need be.  After all, isn’t this all part of the reason I stepped back from childcare…to have more time with the grandkids?

She ended up going to bed on Saturday night at 9:30pm-ish.  She woke at 5am.  I put her in bed with me, got her back to sleep and then I got up and sewed.  She slept until 7:30am.

Then she was on the go… Here she is hanging with Karl.

She was my little sewing buddy.  She sat in the highchair and ate while I ironed….
She got in on some tent play too…see??

I didn’t actually make her a tent.  I was ironing quilt backs and she thought it was all sorts of fun.
She ended up being so pooped from playing at Kalissa’s house with the boys that she went down for a nap at 9:30 in the morning and slept until 12:15pm…almost 3 hours.  WOW.

Georgia and Rosie are big time buddies.  Seriously, they totally love each other.  This makes me so happy.  Rosie didn’t nap yesterday unless Georgia was napping.  It made taking care of Rosie a breeze.

Then at about 5pm, Georgia got fussy.  Rosie jumped up on the couch and napped.  Georgia looked like she might nap too.  But she jumped down and was her busy self.

I picked up my cross stitch and went back to stitching while she played.  About 15 minutes later she came over to my chair, put her head down on my legs and fell asleep.  Yep, she fell asleep standing up.  (she has Kramer’s ability to fall asleep)

I had the worst time manipulating myself out of the chair and not knocking her over but I was able to pick her up and put her in the crib.  She slept for 50 minutes or so…and being I had to keep the house quiet so she could sleep, I stitched.  Seriously, having her here was no work…all fun for me, Georgie and Rosie.

I have learned one thing, always volunteer to do the childcare for Georgia on the day after Kalissa had her.  That way she’s pooped and will nap a lot!!

In fact, the next day I got to enjoy pooped Rosie.  For all the napping time she missed on Sunday when Georgia was here, she made up for the next day sleeping every moment she could.

I wish I could nap as easily as Georgia and Rosie do…

12 thoughts on “A Georgia Girl Day”

  1. OMG this is all just too funny and so dang cute! Now Mama Kelly can relax about sleepovers for Georgia!

    Oh such fun Grandma time :-)

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    How fun is that. Love the pictures and can just imagine how difficult it was to get up when she fell asleep on your legs. Good job grandma!!!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Oh what precious memories you are making. Reminds me of mine. Especially falling asleep on their feet. Keep on enjoying them. Love the pictures

  4. That picture of Georgia sleeping on your leg was so funny I had to show my hubby!!! He is one that can catnap anywhere, anytime! I wish I could do that too! Georgia is such a cutie and sounds like a breeze to watch! You need to give Rosie some extra treats for babysitting services!

  5. What a doll she is! I’m so glad you had so much time with her. That’s so funny she fell asleep leaning on your legs! Thank you for posting photos of her.

  6. I think Bonnie stores the different sizes by color. Do you do that as well as your categories of Civil War, etc.?
    I have been cutting the strips but haven’t separated them in any other way than the size of the strip. I have been thinking of how I would store the many boxes if I separated them further. My space is limited. Love seeing the pictures of your grandchildren. They are all cute. My grandchildren have always lived so far away that we have not had the contact that I would have preferred. We had one of our granddaughters from March to just a week ago because of her university closing. Loved, loved, loved having her here even though we basically just saw her at lunch and dinner because of her schoolwork, etc. But those visits during the mealtimes were wonderful. Now she is home in CA — we live in Alabama.

  7. Carol A LaPorte

    Hi Jo–Would you please share the name of the sampler you are stitching & its designer? It looks lovely.


  8. My daughter used to resist sleeping at any time. It wasn’t unusual for us to find her standing beside her bed bent forward from the waist, sound asleep. Some kids just want to be busy. You are so blessed with your kids and grandkids.

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