A Gardening Weekend with Neighbor Girl

This weekend was garden weekend for me….It’s one of my VERY-VERY favorite times of the year.

Friday I lamented a bit to Hubby that I had the gardening itch and was a little sad the garden wasn’t tilled.  I wanted to go buy plants.  Thankfully he’s a farmer and very much understands the “gardening itch”.  Well Saturday morning he called me and said he was going to till it Sunday morning!!  I was thrilled.  I finished what I was doing and off I went to my favorite place- Morris Landscaping in New Hampton.  I wanted everything bought so I could plant on Sunday.

I was on the hunt for rhubarb plants, garden starts and flowers.  I was also wanting some landscaping advice.  I got a bit of it all.


I spent some time outside finding my rhubarb plants and then talking with one of the workers what plants would be best around my house.  I want older varieties of plants that don’t have a modern look to them….For example hostas and day lilies are more of modern look… lilacs, roses and hydrangeas are more of an old fashion look.  I want our house to look old and have plants and landscaping that looks like it has been here for forever.


I got some good ideas and then I was off to investigate the inside of the greenhouse.


There is so much to choose from and I am slow at decision making.  The cart filled quickly…then things got moved around as I continually changed my mind and color ways.


Once I got home I started unloading plants, finding the shovels and hoes and then hauling the tomato cages to the garden.


Sunday morning rolled around and true to his word, Hubby was out and tilling the garden. See?

Neighbor Girl had a friend over and they wanted to help.  We told them they could start picking up the weeds that Hubby was tilling.  That, I could see, wasn’t their favorite so as Hubby was almost finished I asked if they wanted to make pancakes.  They left that garden as quick as they could.  Their leaving proves my theory, if you ever want to get away from kids…go garden.  They likely won’t follow you!!

I’m so glad I taught her to make pancakes.  She can do it on her own now.  It was nice to come in and see them cooking.


After breakfast the girls and I started in on planting.  Wow, it’s a lot of work.  Neighbor Girl and Friend breezer in and out, playing some…helping some too.  Here they got to learn the fine art of pounding a fence post into place.  We were putting up the trellis for the snap peas to climb.

From here Friend left and went home….Neighbor Girl and I went back to planting.  We planted what we could in the garden.  I stopped once we got done with the sprouts, peas and beans.  I wanted to ask Hubby for more space before I started the process of eliminating some of the things because I was out of space.  Hubby was back to farming though so my question would have to wait.

Once we were done with that we planted flowers…my favorite task.  Neighbor girl stayed with me all the time then.  She watered EVERYTHING!!  What a joy to have some help!

It was about 3:00 in the afternoon.  We ended up parting ways, showering, hooking back up and traveling to town together.  One of the things on my to-do list was to go to Wal-Mart.  I ended up treating her buying her a new outfit and pair of sandals.  I forgot how fun it is shopping with a kid who is still happy with stuff at Wal-mart and when the prices are only about $5 a shirt it’s great too!

I had a great weekend.  I got so much done.  The garden is almost planted.  I enjoyed an ice coffee McDonalds…mostly I got to hang out with my bestest buddy, Neighbor Girl.


8 thoughts on “A Gardening Weekend with Neighbor Girl”

  1. How nice to see her and you getting the garden/flowers started. Glad you had a great time together.

  2. Betty from Canada

    That neighbour girl will remember you forever. Not the clothes so much as the “together time” you spent together. Also that you taught her to make pancakes. Because 10 years down the road someone is going to ask her where she learned to make pancakes and guess who she will tell them.

  3. How nice neighbor girl helped with the garden, she’ll have fun with the harvest too, probably not so much with the very necessary weeding. I was amused to read that “hostas” are a modern plant. My mother-in-law had hostas planted around her home 50+ years ago. She brought them from her parents home when she got married in the early 40’s. Did you plant peonies too? To me peonies say old-fashioned. Hope you have a great growing season.

  4. Reading about your time with your neighbor girl is so touching. The world needs more people like you. Good luck with the garden!

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