A Garden??

We’ve been talking ever since the snow melted about a garden.  Have we done anything??  NO.  Time and circumstances just hasn’t allowed it.  Starting a new garden spot is a little more hectic than normal too…so we drag our feet waiting for the weather and Hubby’s work schedule to align so he can get a spot plotted, grass killed and then call the guy to till it.

Finally last week I told Hubby I was over it.  No garden this year.

UGH.  That made me sad.  I like a garden.  I’ve over having a huge garden but a small garden I would love.  I’ve mentioned it to a few people saying- no garden this year…I keep getting reassured that it’s not too late.  I know it isn’t but there are still so many other things I’d like more than a garden right now.

Then the weekend of the shower Kayla came home with beautiful starter tomato plants and Buck came with starter pepper plants.  Okay I need to have a garden….but wait.

Last year Kalissa had a garden…or rather the garden had her.  It was her first one and she had no idea the time one would take and also forgot that she doesn’t really like heat.  So my idea hit.  Share a garden with Kalissa…and that’s what we’re doing.


Here’s our tiller man working it up.

I’m hoping to get it planted this weekend in between parties and obligations.  I have a pretty big list of those.  I do also have plans for Monday….SEW ALL DAY!!!  It’s my first sewing day here at the house and just knowing that I’m getting one has motivated me to stay on top of my chores this week.

I’ll keep you posted on how the garden goes.

2 thoughts on “A Garden??”

  1. I can’t imagine not having a garden… Although I have been w/o I enjoy it. This w/e we fenced in my garden to keep the deer from chomping everything down. They have already torn down my little plastic deer resistant fence..(literally) and eaten most of my lettuce and took off 1/2 of my potatoes.
    No it’s not too late for you. I still need to plant my tomatoes

  2. We just moved in the end of Feb and have been waiting for Memorial Day as that’s when we were told is the right time to plant. So, I purchased a peony bush & planted it right under the kitchen window. I’m hoping that it survives to give me plenty of reason to wash the dishes. I also got a few other perrenials and a couple starter tomato plants. Oh yeah, I’ve also got some asparagus roots to plant. Good luck getting your garden going! I’m sure that your kids are going to get a real kick out of visiting it!

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