A garden laid to rest…

The garden is done for the year…except some lettuce in the cold frame.  We have the tomato cages stacked…the root veggies are on the drying racks…the shelves are filled with full canning jars.

Hubby decided that this year we wouldn’t have our neighbor till the garden…he’d just till it with the tractor and sub-soiler.


I have a big garden but seeing that big tractor in there makes me think the garden isn’t as big as I thought.


In fact…It looks down right small.  He took a little time to make the garden just a smidgen bigger.  I want more potatoes, more onions and more cucumbers.  Oh…more beets, more lettuce, more beans…you get the idea.  More of everything except egg plant and tomatoes.  No egg plant next year.  The same amount of tomatoes and green peppers.

It’s kind of sad to see the garden get laid to rest but it’s kind of happy too…more time to quilt!!  Today I am linking up with the Barn Hop over at Homestead Revival.

3 thoughts on “A garden laid to rest…”

  1. I always find that in July and August the garden seems enormous and too much work, but over the winter the garden seems too small and I always talk about making it bigger come spring!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is a giant tractor. Sounds like you’ve got plenty of garden goodness saved up to last through the winter, and plenty of time to plan for another garden next year.

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