A Fun Thrifted Day…

Last week I needed to go to town to get groceries and pick up medicine…for me, that means thrift store shopping too. I had a great day getting goodies and I thought I would share what I got. I got a big ticket item so make sure you read the whole post to see what I found.

I started out finding a few treasures. You might remember that I buy linens and old cross stitch pieces for a friend of mine. I found two on this day…

I found a cutting mat. It’s my preferred brand but it’s okay. I often pick up stuff like this and if someone wants to learn to sew, I pass my finds to them. Today’s find was a 50-cent cutting mat.

It had some sticky stuff on it so I used some Goo Gone on it and it’s all good now.

I bought two pillows…I’m not sure yet if they will go in a bedroom or the living room. They were only $2 each. I love the homespun fabric. Perfect for my antique/prim house.

I found two 100% cotton sheets!! They will make good quilt backings. You all know I love polka dots!! The were only $2 each.

I bought embroidery hoops. The upper one is a Morgan hoop. I like those and Nurge hoops. The metal hoops will go to my daughter Kayla. The trim pieces are for the Cresco Ladies. They make hearts and need embellishments. I thought these might be nice.

I got this wooden box for $2. I thought I would put it in my stash of finishing items. I could easily put a cross-stitch piece in the center.

I bought my “girl hammer” for $1. I’ll keep that one upstairs so I don’t have to run downstairs to get one when I’m hanging something on the wall. I bought garden tools for my son Karl. He doesn’t have any and these were only 50 cents each.

I picked up a 9 x 13 pan for $2. I used to have many of these but over time, they have disappeared. I think I should probably go and check my kids’ kitchen cabinets. I’m guessing I would find them. If I can get a pan for $2, it’s not worth hunting my own down.

I found something that I haven’t seen before…I debated a bit before I bought it but I didn’t debate too long. My friend Annie, a blog reader, sent me some money to help with cancer expenses. She only had one stipulation. That I buy something for myself. I decided this would be the perfect something.

Isn’t it totally cute? WAY CUTE!! I had never seen one of these before. I wasn’t sure about the price. It was $75 and for a thrift store, that was a bit of high price but way better than eBay or an antique shop. Here I could see that it was in very good shape cosmetically and it had the manual and attachments.

I checked to make sure the wheel would turn and wasn’t frozen up. I could see a sample stitched piece under the presser foot and the stitching didn’t look bad. I thought it was worth a gamble.

I tried her out for a few stitches and she worked pretty good but was a little loud. I oiled her and played with the tension just a bit. Oh, I love her.

I did a little research online and she’s a 185J. There really isn’t a lot of difference between a 185. 185J and 185K. The K models were made in Canada the others were made elsewhere. The 185J’s were also the only green ones. I love the green so I’m really happy I found it in green.

In some of the information I read about these machines is that they were the next model after 99K’s. The information says there really isn’t a huge difference between these and the 99Ks. It is small like a 99k. I have a 99 in a cabinet and really like that one too.

This machine is all metal and is easy to repair and maintain on my own. I went to a Featherweight maintenance class and I can apply everything I learned with that machine to this machine.

I am so happy I found this one. It was a fun day finding her and bringing her home. I had LOTS of other stuff to do and really shouldn’t have taken the time to play but I’m so glad I did. It was so much fun.

I really didn’t need another machine but it was too cute and Annie did say to buy something for me. I think this was a good choice.

What a fun day of thrifting!! Thankfully I don’t always find machines…and thankfully I don’t always cave in and buy one.

I am super excited about watching some YouTube videos about this machine. If you are interested in vintage machines, there really are a lot of videos about these machines on Youtube…go on over and check that out!!

30 thoughts on “A Fun Thrifted Day…”

    1. I can’t believe that I cross stitched that exact same pot with the wooden spoons as a gift for my MIL…one of very few I did in the late 80’s, I think! Love your new machine, too

  1. I have this exact same green machine! Got it while I was in college for $35 from a Bernina dealer who took pity on me. I had never heard of Bernina, I just needed a machine to do some mending while away at school. It was one of their loaner machines. It will sew through anything. My boyfriend (now husband of 47 years) used it to fix his parachute in college! That’s like sewing through steel. I have an attachment that makes perfect buttonholes, you drop a template into the attachment and it kind of traces it. And I have an attachment that does smocking. Great machine!

  2. It’s so fun to treat yourself to something and your green little machine is just the right choice!! I love it! You have the talent to tinker with the Singer machines. Good for you Jo!

  3. The 185J is a good little machine, but don’t ever buy a 285. They’re not nearly so well made. I had a thrifted one for a while, and finally just donated it back!

  4. Oh what a fun shopping day! I have never seen a green Singer machine but it sure sounds great. I learned to sew on my mother’s black Singer (can’t remember the model) but that was over 60 years ago. I had her machine until a year ago when I gave it to my great-niece. My sewing machine tech told me it would last forever, a “real workhorse.” I imagine your green machine is in same category.

  5. I had one of these too. So cute, aren’t they? I thought the numbers were strange but that’s what they are. You got a great looking machine.

  6. Sounds like you had a great day, Jo! What a blessing that little machine was just sitting there WAITING FOR YOU! You needed it just as much as it needed you… it was meant to be!

    Im always afraid to let myself GO LOOKING. My husband says do you REALLY NEED ANOTHER MACHINE??? I love the vintage machines – so yeah i do need another machine – LOL!

    It has been a long time since i tempted myself, but im SO HAPPY that YOU found something so PRECIOUS and WONDERFUL cuz YOU DESERVE it! And it now has a great home and a new purpose with you where it will be well taken care of, loved, and cherished.

    BIG SMILES!!! April in Iowa

  7. You got some really great finds and the machine takes the cake, what a super cute deal. I’m so glad you did get something for you.

  8. memory lane. The first machine after my mothers treadle.. and the buttonholer was so great. Never had that much luck with any of the newer things i have had since

  9. Jo you always find the best things thrifting and you’re always thinking of someone else. Your little green Singer sewing machine is a great find and I’m glad you bought it. Happy sewing.

  10. Jo, there is wonderful vintage and antique sewing machine information, and a community if helpful people at Victorian Sweatshop discussion board.

  11. What an awesome find! We don’t ever have metal machines in the thrift stores around here…just the cheap plastic ones. But, I’ve always wanted a green one. Finally found a treadle a couple of months back on marketplace and it’s from Mexico. It is too cute. Those blue and green machines are something special.. I’m sure Annie will be thrilled you spent the money on a machine. Are you gonna name it after her???

  12. Hi, Jo! Coincidentally I bought a little green machine exactly like yours just last week at an estate sale, it was the last afternoon, so it was half price at $22.50. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t try to turn the wheel, as you described, but I bought it because it was so darn cute! That green! I’m working on something else right now, but when I start playing with my new toy, I may ask you for advice!

  13. What a great collection of thrift finds! I love reading about your thrift store visits, you always manage to find something useful.

  14. I love that little green machine!!
    May I ask, Jo, how many machines you have? My “herd” has gone from one in June, to four—my great grandmas Standard treadle, my 1910 Singer red eye, and a featherweight have joined me since then. I would love a green one like you got! I would also love a fiddlebase machine.

  15. I am so jealous of your green machine. I have been going on auctions and checking all of the online sources for this exact one. You got a bargain. I have missed out on a couple of deals by not keeping up with the action. Some day I will win one. Started following with the adoption of Rusty and try not to miss a day. I have gotten a stash of vintage shirts and was just looking for your blog on deconstructing the shirts. My heart is with you along your cancer journey. It is always wondering what tomorrow will bring. Much love and blessings,

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