A Fun Filled Thursday

Thursday was a fun-filled day. School was out here and the kids were on their first day of summer vacation. My daughter, Kalissa, needed some help with the kids and Thursday is my day off work so I volunteered. Then I told my daughter Kelli and she came over with her kiddos and then I invited one of my old childcare families who I’ve been trying to see. It was wonderful.

When I saw my childcare kiddos I was reminded that they are growing up so fast and I need to make the most of this time before “I’m not cool anymore”. Emery is almost as tall as Kelli!! Here Kelli showing Emery how to cross stitch.

A kind blog reader told me about these cross stitch kits that are pre-printed so the kids start by only focusing on making stitches and not worrying about the counting part.

They come with floss and directions. They also have options for one that are more boy-oriented or more girl-oriented. You can find the kit that I bought HERE. You can find other kit options HERE.

We made pie. We made four strawberry rhubarb and one pumpkin because I had crust left over. I haven’t used much of my rhubarb this year so made four…I took one to work, one went home with Kelli, one with my childcare family and I shared some with Jerry and Craig, Kalissa’s husband. I had to laugh because Kalissa was sure Craig wanted pumpkin. I said no. I’m sure he wants strawberry rhubarb. I was right. For some reason, I remember people’s food preferences.

I also wanted to make pie for Jerry. He talks about his mom and what a good baker she was. Because of time, we often end up going out to eat and I don’t cook much for him. I thought he might want to know I’m a pretty good cook…thus pie for Jerry.

Smarties (the candy) are always in the drawer at my house. The kids like to have a little bowl or cup to put them in. Gannon was so cute and came with a “bowl” he made out of Legos for the Smarties candy to go it. Can you believe he let me take his picture??

We got four of the kiddos to sleep…Gerogia, Eli, and Emmett…Anders was sleeping in a crib upstairs.

It was a beautiful day so Kelli and I kicked the big kids and ourselves out the door and they played while we stitched.

Kelli is at the terrible stage where your whole life is kids and there isn’t much time for other things. When she calls me the kids want to talk to me or are yelling in the background. We don’t get any time for adult conversation…or a chance to do the things we used to do. We both miss it so the time stitching on the porch was extra special.

The original plan was for Jerry to come over and meet Kelli. She’s the last of the kids to meet him. He ended up with a cold and didn’t want to pass it around. We took a rain check.

My childcare mom gave those who wanted a haircut, a haircut. Then Kalissa and Craig joined us for supper…coney islands, potato salad, and pickle salad. Recipes coming soon.

After everyone left, I was pooped. It’s been a bit since I wrangled eight kids!! In my old life, it would have been just another day.

After the dust cleared I looked at my phone. Georgia had taken a photo of me…pre-haircut. I think the smile tells you it was a good day.

The next morning I went to get a bowl out of the cupboard to have some leftover potato salad…look what greeted me.

Gannon had put his Lego bowl in the cabinet with the bowls. It made me smile all over again. I’m so glad I spent the day with these amazing people.

18 thoughts on “A Fun Filled Thursday”

  1. Your photo of Gannon’s bowl in your cupboard made me go “aw”! He’s so cute, as are all your grandchildren. You have a lovely family :-)

  2. I just love family days like this – they’re so few and far between. I can tell you had a great day – that smile says it all.
    Love and prayers

  3. Gloria from CC

    What fun you had Jo. Great pictures of your grandkids and especially the one of you. That great smile says it all!

  4. That lego bowl is SOOO precious!! Yes, as we get older, our bodies don’t work as well. It’s hard to adjust to the new reality. Looking forward to seeing the new recipes.

  5. The days memories are made of :-) Love the lego bowl! “Grandma, eat some smarties”!!!

    Happy Wednesday Jo!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I was enjoying reading your blog and thought Gannon’s bowl was so cool. Then when I got to the end where he put it your bowl cupboard I was laughing out loud and he is so loving.

  7. That sounds like a fun-filled day! So glad you were able to spend it with everyone. That meal looked very yummy!

  8. well you certainly have a huge success with Gannon. What a win to have two times in a row with that special smile for his Grandma Joey your respect for his temporary wish to not be photographed paid in major dividends.
    Kellis children are reaching an age they will be pretty self sufficient and your stitching times will be back. ‘Do you suppose Georgia recognizes Grandmas happiness deserved to be captured with a photo ???

  9. What a lovely way to finish a lovely posting. That bowl made me smile so much! Thank you Gannon and Jo!

  10. What a wonderful fun filled busy day. Your strawberry rhubarb pies remind me of my Grandma Jo’s (mother’s mother-passed at 102 in 1998) pies and jam. I really miss her cookie jar!
    My husband makes one every so often (when we can get the rhubarb here in Texas). Yum, yum!
    Enjoy your family-time passes too quickly.

  11. Susan from Michigan

    Looks like a Thankful Thursday. Such a wonderful day with family and friends. Great to see your lovely smile, Jo. You will always be “cool” in our eyes.

  12. Jo you’re so good at capturing the heart of your activities with family. I love reading your stories. And seeing your excellent pictures. Thank you.

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