A Fun Coincidence!!

So you read the comment section on the blog or do you only read the blog post that I write? Seriously, if you don’t read the comment section, you are missing out on some good stuff.

Last week I told you about two quilts that a blog reader sent Cheryl in Dallas. Cheryl supports a local Christian College Seminary by longarming donated quilts and passing them to the college to help those in the program who might need a little help.

Cheryl was so kind and took pictures of the two quilts and shared them with us. If you missed the blog post, please find it HERE.

One of the quilts that Cheryl shared was this beauty.

This quilt was an amazing quilt. It was hand-pieced and hand quilted. There was a label on the quilt. You can see the label in the picture below.

This is the comment from Cindy in NC that I want to share with you. Cindy left the comment in the comment section.

Cindy writes:

I just about fell over when I saw the label on the quilt sent to Cheryl by the woman in South Carolina. Can you believe I have two quilts made by Sara Ann Stolzfus? In 1988 my mother and I went on a trip to the Amish area of Pennsylvania. At the time we weren’t quilters (that happened later), but we were quilt lovers. I was looking for a quilt to hang and she was trying to find someone to finish blocks made by my dad’s grandmother into a quilt. We had a paper map of the quilt shops in the Lancaster area, and we went from one to another without finding what we were after. Near the end of the day we arrived at Fisher’s Quilts in Bird In Hand. The young Mennonite woman who waited on us offered to finish my mother’s blocks herself and seemed excited to do so. When I still couldn’t find the “right” quilt she said that I could custom order one choosing a pattern from a set group to be made with whatever colors I wanted. When I saw the Flour Sisters pattern I knew it was “the one.” She told me that the various women who made these custom quilts specialized in certain patterns, and this was one that Sara Ann Stolzfus made. In addition, she made Double Wedding Rings. Because the prices were so reasonable, I also ordered one of those in wall hanging size. I took eight months for the two quilts to arrive, and each had a label similar to the one you showed. Our house at the time had cathedral ceilings, and I hung the Four Sisters quilt at the top of the stairs where it could be seen from several rooms. When it was up one of my three daughters said she was certain this meant that we were going to have another baby girl. I didn’t think the odds of that happening were very great, but several years later we were blessed with a fourth daughter who will inherit this quilt one day. To this day my husband jokes that he’s just glad I didn’t pick the Seven Sisters design. What a coincidence to discover that Sara Ann’s work is still bringing warmth, beauty, and joy to the world.”

How fun is that story?? These are some of the great things you miss out on if you don’t read the comments so you might want to check them out now and then. I love the story and what an amazing coincidence!! Thanks so much to the original lady who donated it…thanks to the lady who sent it to Cheryl…thanks to Cheryl for sharing the story… and thanks so much for sharing your story Cindy. I loved reading it! What a fun coincidence!!

10 thoughts on “A Fun Coincidence!!”

  1. What a great background story! I do not always have the time to read all the comments, but I will try a little harder to make the time because I missed that one.

  2. I love reading the comments. If I notice that a blog which had only a few comments when I read it now has more, I go back and read the comments again.

  3. I don’t always take time to comment on each email, but I do enjoy reading the emails, comments and thoughts. But I missed that one. So glad you mentioned it again as that is amazing.

  4. Marsha from Kansas

    I read the comments and have learned a lot. I save the blog and reread in a day or so hoping not to miss any comments. Cathy did have a really neat follow-up “rest of the story”.

  5. Hi Jo,
    I Love Love Love your blog. I rarely comment (bad blog reader!!) But today I read this post and then I clicked on one of your older blog posts that was listed below as a teaser. ANYWAY. It took me to the post of January 4, 2019 and your Bonus Triangle quilt. Oh my, I need to make that quilt. Did it get published somewhere? if so, where can I get the magazine and pattern??

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I enjoy your blog so much and I really enjoy reading the comments. You never know who’s going to say something that hits the spot just right. I didn’t know about your posts till a couple of years ago. I rarely miss a day and if I do I go back to the day I missed and read from there till the current blog.grest story.

  7. It was fun to see you post about my comment, Jo. I shared this coincidence on Instagram last week (@carolinacajuncreates). I wish Sara Ann could know how much her quilts are still loved.

  8. Hi Jo,
    I usually always read the comments, even though I seldom comment. Most of them are very insightful and I feel like I’d just be reiterating what has already been said ,usually in a better way than I would have. Love this coincidence and good to see the good that comes from using a label, which I have always done. Some day I may find one of my creations at a thrift store. Love your blog.

  9. I don’t always comment, especially if I have nothing new to add, but I almost always read all of the comments. Right now I am behind on reading my email as I lost my phone and Internet a few days ago.

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