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A Friday Finish: Stripes Squared

This was a fast quilt for me.  I started cutting out fabric last week only to find that I needed more fabric.  I ordered it got it at the end of the week.  Saturday evening I cut it out.  Sunday I sewed it.  Monday I quilted and bound it.  Don’t you love Ruby’s “bedroom” eyes?!?!

The sewing is really easy.  It’s the cutting that’s the harder part but even that is very do-able.

I had made another quilt just like it awhile back.  I gave it away to a friend, then someone asked me to teach a class on it.  That means I had to make another for a class sample…why the rush?  I need it for Thursday-as in yesterday!!  I am actually teaching the class today as you read this!

If you are looking for the pattern, it’s from Aardvark Quilts.  If you are looking for the fabric I used, you can get it from All In Stitches in Zumbrota, Minnesota.  The fabric is mostly Kaffe Fassett’s Woven Stripes.  There are a few brushed cottons mixed in there too.  I made mine it a 5 x 5 setting making it 60″ x 60″.  I would get a minimum of 20 fat quarters for it.

I was SO happy I found the backing fabric at Goodwill last week.  There were 4 1/2 yards and I paid $4.50 for it.  It’s a woven plaid!!

Together it’s pretty busy..but I actually really like it.  This binding is a black with red polka dots.  I think it was a pretty good choice too.  It doesn’t match the back but it works with the front.

I used variegated thread on both the top and back.  The back thread was a bold coloring with primary colors.  The front was a blue/purple blend.

I used connected squares for the quilting design.  I absolutely love this quilting motif.  It is by far my absolute favorite for contemporary quilts.

I love the quilt.  I don’t think I will give it away this time.

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12 thoughts on “A Friday Finish: Stripes Squared”

  1. That would be one I would want to make for myself. Boy you sure have had good luck at Good Will these past few weeks.

  2. I am so impressed at your speedy quilting! That is just amazing. Hope your class goes really well today! Oh, and congratulations on the backing score – it’s perfect.

  3. don’t you love having a longarm and being able to quilt something up so quickly! i’ve had mine for just under a year and i’m still totally thrilled with it!

    your quilt is very pretty. it’s so nice to find fabric at the thrift stores. i had some fabric that was given to me that i let age for a while in my stash, then it found a perfect home being a backing to a mystery quilt top. i would never have thought it would look good together with any of the single fabrics i used in the top, but once it was put together it all just fit.

  4. I really wanted to see that striped fabric, but I couldn’t find it on the All in Stitches website. Perhaps you have a picture of the fabric before you cut it?

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