A Friday Finish: Stripes Squared

This was a fast quilt for me.  I started cutting out fabric last week only to find that I needed more fabric.  I ordered it got it at the end of the week.  Saturday evening I cut it out.  Sunday I sewed it.  Monday I quilted and bound it.  Don’t you love Ruby’s “bedroom” eyes?!?!

The sewing is really easy.  It’s the cutting that’s the harder part but even that is very do-able.

I had made another quilt just like it awhile back.  I gave it away to a friend, then someone asked me to teach a class on it.  That means I had to make another for a class sample…why the rush?  I need it for Thursday-as in yesterday!!  I am actually teaching the class today as you read this!

If you are looking for the pattern, it’s from Aardvark Quilts.  If you are looking for the fabric I used, you can get it from All In Stitches in Zumbrota, Minnesota.  The fabric is mostly Kaffe Fassett’s Woven Stripes.  There are a few brushed cottons mixed in there too.  I made mine it a 5 x 5 setting making it 60″ x 60″.  I would get a minimum of 20 fat quarters for it.

I was SO happy I found the backing fabric at Goodwill last week.  There were 4 1/2 yards and I paid $4.50 for it.  It’s a woven plaid!!

Together it’s pretty busy..but I actually really like it.  This binding is a black with red polka dots.  I think it was a pretty good choice too.  It doesn’t match the back but it works with the front.

I used variegated thread on both the top and back.  The back thread was a bold coloring with primary colors.  The front was a blue/purple blend.

I used connected squares for the quilting design.  I absolutely love this quilting motif.  It is by far my absolute favorite for contemporary quilts.

I love the quilt.  I don’t think I will give it away this time.

Today, I am hooking up with……Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish FridayFreedom Fridays and Crazy Mom Quilts.

12 thoughts on “A Friday Finish: Stripes Squared”

  1. That would be one I would want to make for myself. Boy you sure have had good luck at Good Will these past few weeks.

  2. I am so impressed at your speedy quilting! That is just amazing. Hope your class goes really well today! Oh, and congratulations on the backing score – it’s perfect.

  3. don’t you love having a longarm and being able to quilt something up so quickly! i’ve had mine for just under a year and i’m still totally thrilled with it!

    your quilt is very pretty. it’s so nice to find fabric at the thrift stores. i had some fabric that was given to me that i let age for a while in my stash, then it found a perfect home being a backing to a mystery quilt top. i would never have thought it would look good together with any of the single fabrics i used in the top, but once it was put together it all just fit.

  4. I really wanted to see that striped fabric, but I couldn’t find it on the All in Stitches website. Perhaps you have a picture of the fabric before you cut it?

  5. I love all of Pam’s patterns—thanks for showing this great quilt–I have to make one…her stuff is the best…..

  6. What strikingly beautiful quilt! And thanks for the tip about Goodwill. I’m going to start scouting Goodwill stores.

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