A Friday Finish: Deadline Quilts

Well we have two quilts to show you for today’s Friday Finish…actually that’s not quite true as I can only show you this…

The quilts are all boxed up and mailed to “Quilty” magazine.  Watch for them to be coming up in the Jan/Feb issue and the March/April issue.  If you haven’t seen “Quilty” you’re missing a fun magazine.  It’s a branch off of Fons and Porter and edited by Mary Fons.  The magazine leans towards modern quilting.

Thus..you guessed it, Kelli and I sewed two quilts that we are classifying as modern.  We resisted modern for a bit but then decided-what the heck why not try modern too??

I think more than anything with our sewing we don’t want to get stuck in a rut.  I would hate to always be primitive, reproduction, 30’s, or modern.  We want to be open and play with it all.  With our short delve into modern quilting I do have to say, the machine quilting really makes or breaks a quilt.  That put lots of pressure on me find ways to quilt the projects that is pleasing.  I hope I did okay.

We have one other quilt that will be shipped out today.  It’s for the upcoming fall issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.  We are so happy to have those quilts done with the deadlines met.

As long as we are talking about deadlines…we had four more quilts accepted to places all for 2014 so it looks like we have more deadline quilting to do.  Thankfully those deadlines are a couple months away.

So how about you?  Are you a modern, reproduction, 30’s or primitive quilter…or are you like us and want to keep your fingers in a little bit of it all?

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9 thoughts on “A Friday Finish: Deadline Quilts”

  1. I do a bit of everything, although, I would not classify myself a modern quilter. A guest speaker at our guild told us that modern quilts are made with modern fabrics, not batiks or traditional prints. I love batiks! However, a friend gave me a bag of modern scraps and I made Quiltville’s Fourth of July, so I’ve made at least one modern quilt! I’ve used tutorials from modern quilters with batiks and non-modern fabrics, so it’s all in the definition, I suppose. There really aren’t any fabrics that I do not like to work with. It’s amazing to see the patterns emerge no matter what style of fabric is used.

  2. I quilt all of it. I have called myself a Transitional Fusion quilter. I had a quilt in the May/June issue of Quilty! What a wonderful group of people to work with. I can’t wait to see yours!!!!

  3. Last year I went through my years of magazine subscriptions. I read every page of every magazine I had collected for over 15 years. They were taking up valuable real estate in my quilt room so I had to do something..Kept the patterns out of them that I wanted and recycled the rest. I came to the conclusion that for the money when compared like that my Fon’s & Porter magazine gave me more for my money. More content and not just a quilt pattern here & there with an ad book. I love the modern bent of the Quilty magazine and Mary Fons is just adorable and funny.

  4. I tend to do my own thing and am not really sure where I fall. I love Quilty and hope to get some quilts in their magazine next year! Congrats on getting two accepted.

  5. Scraparator-scrapaholic-scrapnut-scrapcrazy. . .those are the polite ones. . .I read Bonnie Hunter’s theories and subscribe to them wholeheartedly. Jo has assured me that once I make a crumb quilt I will be in LOVE with them, so I have been saving my smallest bits. Off to make progress on the weekend goal of serious progress on the UFOs. Haven’t made room for my mom to work yet, so I had better start there! :)

  6. Congratulations on having two quilts published! I look forward to seeing them. I do tend to make the same types of quilts – traditional. I have such a hard time trying to do modern. I consider it modern when I use bright, modern fabric!

  7. I make whatever appeals to me at the time. Most of my quilts are made for children’s charities so they are easy and fun.
    It sounds like 2014 is going to be a fabulous year for you. I can’t wait to see all of your designs in print.

  8. I’ll have to look at that. I have not seen it. My DD loves modern, but is accepting a pieced quilt. maybe i need to go MODERN on the back and make it reversible.

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