A Friday Finish: Charity Quilt

We’ve been busy like crazy but I did manage to sneak in a charity quilt.

This one is from Pam and I am saving it for Trisha…that is if she still needs military quilts.  Pam does such a marvelous job putting fabrics together.  All the pieces are a mis-match but come together so nicely.


Tisha, another blog reader, who was so kind to send me dishcloths, asked if there were any quilts around that she could donate to military.  Well I think this one would be perfect.  Pam sent another one similar in style and I think that one would be good for the same cause.  They aren’t red, white and blue, but still good colors I think that a guy can like it too.


No fancy quilting…just a swirl done in my trusty #425 Superior thread.  This one was a quick quilt to do.  Everything clicked and was able to fly through it.

Thanks so much Pam and Tisha for making me part of the link that sends charity quilts to deserving people.

Today, we are hooking up with……Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish FridayFreedom Fridays, and Crazy Mom Quilts.

5 thoughts on “A Friday Finish: Charity Quilt”

  1. jo, what pattern is this quilt? i love the one color color scheme! and stars are my favorite. i also make for quilts of valor and this is an excellent pattern for that
    just lovely

  2. You can save this for an ASK Jo day! but what are you using for your quilt design? Pantogram? I have mostly been free hand whirly things,w stars occ and some flowers.
    I tried doing a pattern Chalked on and I’m not good at following the lines! Since my room is too small to access both the front and back of the quilt w/o a major furniture rearrangement, I have only been quilting from the front. I’ve ordered some pieces so that I can use acrylic shapes and a Thing to make baptist fan designs. So I’m just wondering what you use.
    or any one else.

  3. at long last a partial answer. as to the pattern i’m guessing it was either from one of the holiday quilting marathons done years ago by Planet Patchwork, or else an online blog post quilt pattern from Judy Laquidara, made for the purpose of teaching feathered quilting (which post has subsequently been removed by the author) but i’m not certain.

    My version of the quilt measures 72 x 96 which is a good size for a twin bed. to make it larger just increase the size of the center star so that with the borders it will fit the width of the mattress in question. Then just add on the number of squares to the top, bottom, and sides to get the overhang that you desire.
    hope this helps.

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