A Friday Finish: And Then There Were Two

Oh my-my sewing room is a mess.  It’s been that way for about a month now.  I know I need to get some work done on it..but there is just no time so I’ve made a new pact with myself.  Every time one of the kids calls me, I put my phone on speaker and tidy up a few things.  No I’m not making much progress but at least I am doing something…right??  If the saying “every little bit counts” is true then hopefully my small efforts will someday be noticed.

While I was unearthing things I found a pincushion I had intended on making for Kelli but never finished.  In a bag of scraps I bought at the thrift store there was a some orphan blocks that looked like chickens.  Well I intended on taking them and making into pincushions.  I got the one for me done but the one for Kelli got buried.

Last night I decided enough was enough.  Rather than try to find a place for it-it was just time for me to finish it.


Can you believe it took me only five minutes to do it once I decided to do it??  Oh why oh why do I do that??

The backing is a really soft almost corduroy fabric.


While I was unearthing I found something else!!!  I am so embarrassed by this….I found the book that I was suppose to pick a winner from and giveaway!!  I think when I was cleaning for Easter I must have grabbed a pile of stuff and set it in my sewing room on the cutting table…and then it was buried and GONE.  I am so sorry.  Anyway it the book from Cico Books, Super-Cute Pincushions by Katie Haxell.

The winner is Rochelle who said, “I could really use this book because I only have one! On Pinterest I have many, though. :) Would love to win. Thanks so much!”

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  1. Those ended up being so cute. I understand about cleaning. I tried getting mine into a little better order the other night, but couldn’t move because I had a dog that just wanted to be next to me. I ended up leaving the room and rubbing his belly. It was a lot less frustrating.

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