A Friday Finish and a Deal for You!

I finally got my first quilt quilted on my APQS Millennium.  I am so happy.

It was just a small quilt but perfect to start with and build my confidence with the new machine.

I also finally got a chance to use the video and workbook, “Rethreaded by The Pajama Quilter”.   Dawn the “Pajama Quilter” had some super cute little bug quilting designs that I have been wanting to use on a project.  I finally found the project that was perfect for this.

I added Dawn’s little bugs all over the quilt putting one bug in each of the sashing strips.

I think they are so perfect for a little boy quilt.  I know I need to work on my back tracking skills but that will come with time.

I talked to Dawn and told her how much I loved the DVD and book.  She suggested something…She said that she was willing to offer a deal to all of my readers.  Anyone who wants to order her DVD Rethreaded, will get the corresponding workbook for free!  How cool is that??  I have got several emails from people after I did previous quilting designs inspired by Dawn’s first book asking whether a person should order both the book and DVD or if just ordering the DVD would be okay…well you don’t have to wonder anymore.  You can buy the DVD and Dawn will send the book for free!  This is an wonderful deal that Dawn has only offered once before.  Dawn also said she would offer free shipping to anyone who purchases over $50 worth of products.  To learn more, follow this link.

I know I’ll have some people asking for a tutorial for the quilt so I decided to put together before anyone asked.   You can find that here.

Today I am hooking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, Richard and Tonya Quilt, Quilt Story, Show Off Friday and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  To see what others have finished up, visit their blogs.

21 thoughts on “A Friday Finish and a Deal for You!”

  1. What cute quilting! And I love this quilt pattern, assume you did it as a diapearing 9 patch? I learned how to do this design pattern from your blog last year and it is so striking!

  2. oh yeah we also used some 6 inch charm swaps in the quild to make these, plus last weekend at the Guntersville Lakeside Quilter’s show someone ha used 2 1/2 inch squares in the Disappearing 9 patch and used them in a pieced border on a wall hanging. Made a very interesting border.

  3. Great job on the quilting! I already bought Dawn’s book and DVD based on your previous recommendation. They are great. Thanks for the D9P tutorial. There is a baby due any day in the neighborhood and I need a quick, easy pattern. This fits the bill perfectly.

  4. Adorable quilt and adorable quilting! This isn’t your first longarm, is it? What a great machine to be able to buy! I linked over from Richard and Tanya’s LAFF.

  5. you did good! I would be worried about switching from machines too. I get worried everytime I load a quilt on my Pfaff GQ! Whenever it looks sloppy it’s always bc i’m going too fast! I need to slow down It’s a hard lesson. I only get about 1-4 quilts a yr done on it. Now that I’ve retired I’m hoping to get more. Already I have done 4 BB quilts. and I’m piecing the back for a queen, but I want to try some new to me thread on a different quilt first.

  6. lynne quinsland

    i LOVE her dvd and workbook. i really think the workbook is great because you can take it along anywhere and trace, trace, trace. i have done some of the bugs and had such a great time with them. great job jo!

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