A Friday Finish….

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I made a call for donation quilts to help little Addyson and her family?

Well I wanted to get a quilt together for the benefit too but haven’t had much time.  Then I remembered the quilt tops that had been donated to me for just this purpose.  I put one on the quilting machine and quilted away….

Before long I had this…

The colors are wonderful and the piecing was great too.  I feel awful because I am not positive who sent the quilt to me so I am not sure who to credit….I know Cindy sent some and I know Theresa did..there were others too.  I had a label on them but then when the guys came to set up the quilt machine some things got moved around and I lost the label.

I used a gray thread on the top and a light brown thread on the back.  It actually was good color choices.  I don’t have an arsenal of thread yet and didn’t have time to get somewhere to get some so I just did the best I could and it worked.

Here is the back side of the quilt…

This is my version of the Pajama Quilter’s design Jungle Riot.  It was super easy to do and I love the look.  This is my first time trying this design and I can say I will definitely be using this design again and again.  It’s quick easy and looks pretty good I think.

The machine worked beautifully… I can’t say enough good things about it.  I still some stencils, thread, and custom quilting tools.  Where do you buy them from or what company do you recommend?

I am hooking up with Today I am hooking up with Crazy Mom QuiltsRichard and Tonya QuiltQuilt Story,Show Off Friday and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  To see what others have finished up, visit their blogs.

14 thoughts on “A Friday Finish….”

  1. I sent two small quilts your way yesterday from Idaho. They are baby quilts for your auction. You should receive them on Monday. Addy really hit right to the center of my heart as she looks so much like my eldest grandaughter when she was that age. We are so blessed though as my gal is in her first year of college and has been healthy and happy all these years. Addy and her family remain in our prayers daily.

  2. good morning Jo, just wanted to let you know this was not one I sent so maybe was Cindy, glad you are finding a need either way. good job on the quilting, glad you are enjoying the new machine.

  3. I’ve had my APQS Freedom for about a year now. I use Glide thread and absolutely love it. In fact, I just had an order come in yesterday and it was like getting a box of candy! Most of my pantos come from Urban Elementz and I have a few rulers from Deloe Jones. Have fun shopping. It is amazing how much more you can spend!

  4. It is great to hear that you are doing so well with your new APQS Millennium!! The quilts you have posted look great.

    Check out DeLoa Jones website for the curved (boomerang) rulers and the “little one” as well as the “Castle” as these are some that you tried out here at o2b Quilting. Also check out the websites of Gadget Girls and Off the Edge and Quilters Rule. These are just a few of the places to start looking.

    Your new puppy is ADORABLE. You can bring her up to see Reba anytime!

  5. i have only had my longarm since may, but i love using connecting threads essentials thread. it’s not too expensive and the color choices are great. if you are patient they are about due to have a sale on their thread where it’s really reasonable, not that it isn’t already reasonable. it’s a 100% cotton thread and my nolting works very well with it. have to blow the lint out frequently, but that’s a minor thing to do. i just do it every time i change a bobbin with a little air compressor i bought specifically for the sewing room.

  6. I wasn’t sure if that is a top that I sent or not. I was gifted a top and that be the one. I hope that you received the little completed quilt for the auction. If you don’t think it’s suitable, hope you can find another place to send it to. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures of Ruby.

  7. Jo, great job on quilting! It is a blast, isn’t it?? I love Superior Thread for all my thread needs for my longarm – thread and needles both. I love Over the Edge and Quilter’s Rule for my longarm rulers. There are lots of places out there, just make sure the rulers are made for a longarm – they are thicker then the rulers used for cutting.

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