A Friday Finish

It’s been so long since I have finished anything!!  My real life has definitely been getting in the way of my quilting life.

This is a Country Threads pattern, “Blue and Gray”.  I just LOVE the little red crosses in the sashing…so cute.

I made the top some time ago when this pattern was the Country Threads feature quilt for their Reproduction Club.  I absolutely love the quilt.  In fact, there is only one things wrong with it….it’s small.  Oh I would love this as a large quilt.  It’s on a someday list….

I used some left over fabric for the back.  I debated whether I should use red or blue….red won and I am glad it did.

I have a LARGE list of quilts that I would like to finish up.  Several just need to be quilted and bound.  Right now work, funerals, family and the garden and screaming for attention.

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11 thoughts on “A Friday Finish”

  1. That’s so gorgeous – and the red is perfect for the back! I’m not usually a big fan of RWB quilts, but this one is subtle, not so “in your face” – just perfect!!! Whoop whoop!!

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